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Driver Education Initiative – SMOG, Signal, Mirrors, Over The Shoulder, Go

Name: Cody Foster
From: Jeffersonville, Indiana
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Cody Foster

Signal, Mirrors, Over The Shoulder, Go. The very first lesson that I
learned when I sat down into the driver’s seat on my very first day
of drivers ed. My mom was always stressed about us driving.
I’m a triplet, which means 3 kids, 3 cars, and 3 valuable lives on
the road. My first time getting into the car to learn how to drive
was eventful. I got into the seat, I fastened my seat belt, I put the
key in the ignition, I grabbed the PRNDL, and pressed onto the gas. I
remember I let out a shriek and my mom grabbed the “Oh Crap I’m
Gonna Poop My Pants” handle located above the passenger seat. Her
head flew back against the headrest, all very dramatic. It was always
stressful for me driving with my parents in the car. It added the
extra 50% of “I don’t want to mess up”, and an extra 50% of
“there is another life in the car, more importantly my legal
guardian(s).” I partly feel like half of my stress while learning
to drive was having my mom in the car. I wanted to experience life on
the road, without someone screaming in my ear.

day I got my license was extraordinary. I got straight home, and got
into my car and was ready for the road. But I stopped myself. I felt
like an adult, and I wanted to be mature with my car. I immediately
remembered SMOG. So, I signaled, looked into my mirror, looked over
my shoulder, and then I went.

with MY drivers ed has always been safety. I have never
allowed for my phone to be on my person while in the driver’s seat.
I place it in my backpack in the back of my car where I am not able
to reach it. The first time my brother got into a car accident, the
person who hit him was on their phone. No severe damage, just a
little dent on my brother bumper. But what if they weren’t paying
attention? What if they had been speeding? What if I lost my twin
brother due to drivers not valuing others, the rules, and lives while
on the road? I cannot stress it enough that drivers need to be more
aware! Stay off of your phones, turn the music down a little lower,
please PAY ATTENTION! I promise you it is not that important, it can

steps that I take to reduce the number of deaths are, to be more
educated. Rules of the road, and speed limits, and traffic jams, and
car accidents happen every single day. I put my phone in the back of
the car where it is not in reach. My family also has an app called
“LIFE 360” to where we can tell how fast we travel. It really is
a life changing app. I turn down my music in the car to listen for
car honks, sirens, and signals that I should be aware of. Finally, I
still go over the drivers ed manual to refresh myself on rules
of the road, what to do in certain scenarios and situations, and to
ALWAYS go over road signs.

first car accident happened when I was very young. Maybe 4 years old.
The lady behind my dad and I’s breaks had gone out. We were driving
and I felt a loud crash and push of force against the car. We finally
were able to stop. I started crying and just thinking “what just
happened?” I’m too old to remember much from that crash but I know
that it being my first accident has always made me put others lives
into consideration while I am driving. My friends love to speed and
ride peoples tales when they are going to slow down on the road, and
I always ask them, what is the importance in doing this? You have a
life ahead of you, you want to go to college and get married, and
have kids, and there are other lives in the car. Why put yourself and
others at risk?

is important to me. It’s something I plan to help teach the risks
and procedures while attending college. Especially with college teens
and the partying. I have had too many encounters with wrecks, and
rules of the road, and family members getting into accidents for me
not to have a voice and make a difference. Thank you guys for this
wonderful opportunity, and please always remember SMOG.