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Driver Education Initiative – Three Steps to Become Safer Driver

Name: Mahogany Labor
From: Atlanta, Georgia
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phone starts ringing; you have never seen that number before, quite
surprised you answer the call. A deep voice, probably an officer,
tells you that your most loved one (mother, sister, aunt, cousin…)
just had a catastrophic car accident. It seemed the person in the
other car was texting and driving. How would you feel?

minute somebody dies due to a car accident. There are millions of
reasons that explain the cause to these situations, but most of time,
car accidents occur because individuals drive irresponsibly. Driver
education is important for anyone who steps out on the road. We must
understand that, when we drive, our life and the life of others is at
risk. In my opinion, drivers and future drivers must follow three
steps to be a safer and better driver. These steps are education,
application and conversation.

through driving school, driving for sixty hours with your parents and
having a provisional license before the real driver license are
tedious steps; however, it is necessary to go through a driver
education process to ensure that anyone who is on the road is
prepared. Every single rule exists to be followed, and driving rules
are not an exception. Death as a result of driving can be decreased
just by knowing how to behave on the road, in other words just by
having the knowledge: a drivers ed. Most of the time new
drivers think that they are ready to set foot out on the highway,
even if they do not go through the necessary steps to get a license,
nonetheless there will always be necessary information for them that
would not be known unless they are educated about it. Driver
education includes knowing the signs, knowing how to park a car,
driving and texting and driving and drinking, among others.

the education comes the application and this is very simple. We might
not remember every single detail we have been taught, but everything
starts by applying the simple things we already know. This is as
simple as not using any electronic devices while driving, always
having both hands on the wheel, using the trafficking lights when
changing lanes and respecting speed limits, among many others. Each
of these actions will become habits if done every time we drive.

last step, which considers the first two, is having a conversation.
If you are aware of the actions that help you to be a better and
safer driver, you should talk about it with others; it is a chain
reaction. Tell your children, your friends and family how to be more
responsible and most importantly show it while driving. Our actions
and words must be connected, you are what you do, not what you say
you will do.

is exciting, but it is also a risk. Educating ourselves, applying
what we learn and telling others to do the same can save us from a
whole lot more of deaths as a result of driving.