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Beverly Driving School

Beverly Driving School

2901 Beverly Blvd. Unit A
Los Angeles, CA 90057

40 verified review(s)

At Beverly Driving School, we believe in assisting our community with all driving needs has been a lifelong family business. We do this work for our youth, the underserved,
and the everyday person. Aiding the people with proper driving techniques and professional guidance is our expertise. Give us a ring, let us be of service to you.

Established in 2008.

At Beverly Driving & Traffic School our main focus has been to help you achieve your driving goals since 2008! The services we offer include behind the wheel driving lessons,
online driver's education, and traffic school. Classes are offered to everyone from teenagers, to adults. Our prices for these services are the best prices you'll find in

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Once you purchase your package a representative will be in touch to schedule your instruction.

6 Hours Behind the Wheel Training

6 Hours of behind the wheel lessons offered ONLY in zip codes:

6 Hours Behind the Wheel Training L.A.

6 hours of behind the wheel lessons ONLY in zip codes:

6 Hours Behind the Wheel Training- $255.00

6 Hours of behind the wheel training!

6 Hours Behind the Wheel Training- $275

6 Hours of behind the wheel lessons ONLY in zip codes:

6 Hours Behind the Wheel Training- $290

6 hours of behind the wheel lessons ONLY in zip codes:

6 Hours Behind the Wheel Training- Beverly Hills

6 hours of behind the wheel lessons in Beverly Hills.

6 Hours Behind the Wheel Training- Burbank

6 hours behind the wheel lessons in Burbank.

6 Hours Behind the Wheel Training- Culver City

6 hours of behind the wheel lessons in Culver City

6 Hours Behind the Wheel Training- Gardena

6 hours of behind the wheel lessons in Gardena

6 Hours Behind the Wheel Training- Glendale

6 hours of behind the wheel training in Glendale

6 Hours Behind the Wheel Training- L.A./ West Hollywood

6 hour behind the wheel lessons in Los Angeles/ West Hollywood Area.
ONLY in zip codes: 90009, 90024,90034,90035,90046,90048,90069,90064,90067

6 Hours Behind the Wheel Training- West Hollywood

6 Hours of behind the wheel lessons in West Hollywood ONLY.

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Beverly Driving School
Beverly Driving School

40 verified review(s)

5 stars
I've never had experience driving and it took me a while until I felt confident on the road. Brandon was a  very patient instructor and a very calm one. He always made me feel safe on the road and gradually raised my confidence as a driver. I would recommend Brandon as an instructor to anyone who feels stressed about driving.

Ana S.

5 stars
I (Cherie G) give the Beverly Driving & Traffic School a 5 plus rating first off due to the quality of customer service I received from Karen the day she and I first spoke on the phone up until the last point of contact which was via text. Yes, text! It is extremely rare these days that you get genuine un-rushed unrehearsed and fully present customer service which is the kind you will get if you have "Karen" to help set up your initial driving needs. She is most definitely suitable for you if you for some reason feel somewhat overwhelmed and anxious (and not anxious in a great way) like I did. Karen has superior customer service!!! She demonstrates the highest quality of care, concern, and patience! She helped me figure out what was best for me to suit my needs with all things considered and inflexible that I had going on at the time. She personalized my experience by setting up my road test online because for some reason that day it would not work for me on my end and the hold time on the phone was incredibly lonnnnng!!! She also gave me good tips and advice that I am almost certain would have been hard to come by elsewhere. Thanks Karen! As a first point of contact for the Beverly Driving & Traffic School KAREN Rocks!!!!!!! They could not have chosen a better person to be the face of the business. Karen last said that I can reach out if I needed anything.

I took my driving lessons with Sofia 07/18/18. I did three hours one day. Three hours the next day. And one hour with Sofia before the driving exam. I remembered everything Sofia said because I respected the repetitiveness of her instruction and of course I wanted to pass. Sofia is to be respected because not only does her style consist of constant repetition which is great, she matches that skill set to the DMV instruction manual, which she points out every time, and that says to me it cannot get any better then that in a practical sense. If you want proper instruction and to do things the way the DMV wants it done Sofia will have you do it!!! The proof is in the book which is matched by her teachings! Sofia will make you feel comfortable with her sense of humor and humility. I actually felt bonded with her and like I grew to know her. I appreciate that Sofia! Sofia last said "let me know how things go" going forward.

Oh, and I personally did not pass my exam because I got nervous towards the end and kind of blanked out in my mind and made what they call a critical error. It wasn't something life threatening at all just incorrect. When asked to make a left turn I signaled left and went into where you'd be to turn into a drive way instead of driving a bit further into the actual left turning lane. So don't you do that. But I still have nothing but good things to say about Karen, Sofia, and the DMV instructor who gave me my driving exam :)

Some kind people over at the Beverly Driving & Traffic School! I am going to utilize them again.

Best of luck!

Cee G.

5 stars
I highly recommend this school to anyone and I had a great time driving with my instructor Brandon! He was very friendly and patient the entire we went out driving. He was also very good at taking control of the car during lessons when it's necessary. Overall, I felt prepared for my test and passed without feeling too nervous :) It was also very easy confirming and setting up appointments with the office.

Mia S.

Driver Training

The California DMV requires anyone under the age of 17 ½ to take drivers ed and a minimum of six hours of behind the wheel training in order to be eligible to receive their driver's license.

The driver training is split into 3 two hour sessions and an instructor will meet you for the instruction. The skills you will learn during the training include:

  • Introduction and overview on vehicle components, indicators, and systems.
  • Basic driving maneuvers
  • Lane position and sharing the road
  • Turning and intersections
  • Parking and backing maneuvers
  • Entering highway traffic
  • Exiting highway traffic
  • Driving on freeways and multi-lane roads
  • Adjusting speed to traffic and road conditions
  • Best safety practices

Online Driver Education

If you have not already taken a 30 hour driver education course you can also book and complete that course online.

California Drivers Ed Online course will fulfill your 30 hour mandatory DMV driver’s education requirement.

For every purchase you make directly through, 10% of our fees goes to a charity of your choice!