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Defensive driving course in New Jersey is the natural course of action for most drivers after they received a ticket. There are important benefits we will discuss in this article, however, most people attend the course for points reduction or lower insurance premium.

What you may not know is that the point of the course is to teach you safe driving techniques and reduce traffic accidents in New Jersey in general. Because most road accidents are caused by driver error, if you were to increase your perception and focus while driving, you would make the roads a safer place.

Let’s discuss this topic a bit further. From this post, you will learn why New Jersey defensive driving course is useful and how often you can attend it.


New Jersey Defensive Driving Course, the Benefits

While people consider only points reduction and lesser monthly payments to insurance companies the only benefits, a defensive driving course can offer much more. If you allow it that is.

You see, the course is designed to re-teach you safe driving techniques. This means you will learn how to anticipate danger and how to react to it. In a critical moment where another driver has lost control of their vehicle, you need to act quickly to avoid a collision. 

Reducing driving risks takes years of driving practice, but if someone can show you the skills, you can use them sooner and more effectively in that critical moment. Also, through the New Jersey defensive driving course, you will learn all about the traffic laws, just to make sure you don’t forget them again.

Essentially, safer roads are the real reason behind defensive driving courses. Points reduction and lower insurance premiums are just rewards for your efforts in creating a safer road environment.


Having said that, it is also important to know all you can about these rewards.

When you attend the New Jersey defensive driving course, two points will be removed from your driving license. However, you can also remove points if you can last one year without receiving a traffic violation or license suspension.

Finally, most car insurance companies offer discounts for safe drivers. And since you will be a safer driver upon completing the course, you can apply for a lower insurance premium. But you have to discuss the specifics with the company.


How Often Can You Attend the New Jersey Defensive Driving Course

If you are taking the course for driving points reduction, you can take it only once every five years. At the same time, you will be eligible for a lower auto insurance premium that usually lasts for three years.

When your insurance discount is expired you can retake the course for another discount. It is important to note that even though the discount is usually given between 5 and 10%, it depends on your insurance company whether they will find you eligible for a discount.

Furthermore, you should know that you can only reduce points that you already have. You cannot create a surplus of negative points that can be filled with traffic violations.


Where to Find a New Jersey Defensive Driving Course

There are quite a few ways you can attend a New Jersey Defensive Driving Course, but if you are looking for the most effective way, the answer is the New Jersey Traffic School Online Course.

This online course is quite inexpensive and it is licensed by the State of New Jersey and the Motor Vehicle Commission. But the best part is, you can complete the whole course from the comfort of your couch.

You only need a device with an internet connection. If you want to lie in your bed and go through the course on your smartphone, you can do that.


The content is structured in a series of nine easily digestible chapters.

Each chapter comes ends with a quiz checking your understanding of the topic. Also, you need to study the course for at least six hours and pass all the quizzes before you can take the final exam.

Note that you don’t have to do all six hours in one sitting, but the overall learning time needs to amount to six hours. There is a timer included in the course that will track your learning time.

An online defensive driving course is the easiest way to go through points reduction and ensure you won’t get your license suspended. There is no stuffed classroom and a boring lecturer, it is only you and your phone or computer in the comfort of your home.