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How to Get Lower Rates for Teen Drivers in Florida

Purchasing auto insurance is a pesky task. Many of the millions of drivers on the road in Florida don’t even know what they are paying for in their insurance premiums. Even more so, most teen drivers (or their parents) are paying A LOT of money to get on the road. Learning to drive, getting your first car, and getting out on the road is supposed to bring teens a sense of freedom, adulthood, and pleasure — but instead, the risks involved (and the premiums to cover the risks) make it downright scary. 


The frightening facts are this.


Teens are the most dangerous drivers on the road by a long shot. Insurance companies then label them as “high-risk” drivers. They come to this conclusion due to multiple factors — teens are the most likely drivers to be caught speeding and also most likely to cause an accident. Of course, not all teens are extremely risky drivers, but they still have next to no experience on the road. Lack of experience is what drives car insurance rates for teens through the roof. 


On average, Florida is not an overly expensive state for car insurance, but no matter what state you live in, auto insurance for teen drivers is never cheap. So, how do you save and get your insurance rates lower? You’ve come to the right place. This article will show you many different ways to lower those teen insurance rates so that you can enjoy being on the road and soaking up that freedom. 

Student Discounts

There are actually many discounts afforded to student drivers in Florida. From high school to college, you can make your insurance rates lower by simply staying in school. Additionally, many companies reward good grades. A or B average students can receive anywhere from 5 to 10 percent off their rates. The rule of thumb is often a 3.0 GPA. 


Statistics show that students who get good grades are less likely to get into a car accident, so car insurance companies see them as lower risk and, in turn, offer savings on their rates.


There are obviously some parameters to get the student discount that insurance companies will reward good students.  Those include being younger than 25 years old, enrolled full-time (some allow part-time college students), and, if you’re homeschooled, some sort of information showing you are in fact a good student. 

Take a Driver’s Education Course

Similar to the student discount, taking drivers education courses can significantly lower teen car insurance rates in Florida. Insurance companies believe that the more knowledge you have, the better driver you will be on the road. That being said, according to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV), it’s required that all new drivers complete driver’s education before being eligible for a learner’s permit.


These requirements and many others have been set forth to teen (and other) drivers safe. 


Almost every high school in Florida offers driver’s education classes right at school. This is a simple way to save money. A Florida driver’s education course is essential for any driver that wants to be smarter, safer, and more responsible. It teaches the importance of road awareness and traffic safety for first-time drivers. 


Florida Traffic School is even offered online by the DMV right from your smartphone or computer. Taking this course can lower your insurance rates and probably teach you a lot you didn’t know. At a cheap price of $20, it’s easy to register. 

A Safe Car

The types of cars teens drive are also a huge factor in determining auto insurance rates. Teens are always extremely excited to be behind the wheel and let the road take them where it may. This also means they usually want a cool car. An expensive, fast, or unsafe car can cost hundreds more a year in car insurance premiums.


Yes, it’s boring to drive mom’s old minivan that your Grandpa handed down to her, but it’s worth the money you’ll be saving. Average car insurance company rates offer proof in the savings. The best rates are for five-year-old sedans. 

Let Car Insurance Companies Track Your Driving

Usage-based car insurance is becoming popular among parents who purchase their teen’s auto insurance policy or even for more experienced drivers. Usage-based devices that are installed in the vehicle or via an app on a smartphone can track how teens are doing behind the wheel. Every insurance company offers different types of usage-based policies to track driving habits such as speed, sharp turns, and hard braking. 


By allowing the insurance company to do this, teens can be more trusted much more behind the wheel, and insurers can reduce rates along with risky driving. While teens are sure to complain about this, it is a great tactic to prevent risky driving behavior and save a lot of money to boot. 

Keep Driving

Above all, experience is what teens lack the most. It’s not their fault in any way, but the statistics tell the story. Rates don’t reduce overnight, but at the age of 25, they reduce by as much as $3,000. All that significant drop in premium is all because of more time behind the wheel. The best way to lower your insurance rates is by staying safe and continuing to drive properly on the road. Time will fly by, and before you know it, you won’t have to pay that high rate any longer. 


With teen car insurance rates so high in Florida (depending on the company), finding discounts for being a good student as well as a well-prepared driver can save you, or your parents, hundreds of dollars. But, until you see your rates drop by as much as the value of the vehicle your parents make you drive, remember car accidents are the leading cause of death among teens. Paying close attention to your driving behavior can be the difference between life and death.