Youth Forward Scholarship 2018 – Educating young children

Name: Zhenbang Yu
From: Greensborro , North Carolina
Grade: Junior
School: University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Votes: 3

As I worked at Sally Test Pediatric Center (STPC), I mostly focused on educating
young children. I enjoyed exposing them to different things in the
world. Consequently, I dedicated a lot of time to help children. In
addition to the work ethic, I decided to treat my teaching as part of
a research study. I collected data and analyzed it to implement
better teaching methods. While I taught the students at the STPC, the
students learned some things because of my work ethic and
problem-solving skills.

My good work ethic translated into me helping the students understand the
information. When I worked at Sally Test Pediatric Center, I mostly
focused on providing instruction to children staying at the hospital.
This was a difficult task because it involved me tailoring to the
needs of each individual child. Although I struggled to teach them, I
was willing to take my time to teach them certain concepts. For
example, when a child was struggling to understand a concept of
counting. I offered to tutor them to help them understand how
counting works. Since the child comes from the poor background, I
provided some example specific to them and ask them questions. I
would say, “ I went to the market and bought 4 apples. After I ate
one apple, how many do I have left?” This would involve me counting
with fingers to get to the answer. This dedication to helping the
child provided a lot of benefits to the child.

While I volunteered at STPC, I mostly implemented problem-solving skills in
the working environment. This involved me identifying the issue,
researching new methods of teaching, evaluating alternatives, and
implementing a new solution. When I first taught the children staying
at the hospital, I struggled to teach certain concepts. Consequently,
I mostly asked for feedback that involved me providing a
questionnaire for teachers and students. After I received their
responses, I mostly reported it on a spreadsheet and analyzed the
data. The data revealed that I was delivering the information in a
very dry manner. After I identified the Issues, I mostly read through
articles and watched instructional videos pertaining to engaging
students. I thoroughly sifted through the information to identify the
approach that would most likely help me teach the students. With the
thorough research and evaluation, I realized that I could have made
the information engaging with them. After analyzing the information,
I decided to invent games related to a topic. I treated the question
time as a quiz show. I would ask them questions related to the topic.
When they answered it correctly, they received points. After they
accumulated a lot of points, they mostly received a prize to reward
them for their attention. Consequently, I helped them understand the

To summarize, I consider helping students to learn to be my proudest accomplishment
because I worked hard and utilized my problem-solving skills. When I
worked at STPC, I demonstrated good work ethic because of my tireless
effort to teach children. The problem-solving skills allowed me to
refine my teaching to provide better instruction to children. This is
because I analyzed the data and implemented new teaching methods.
After my volunteer experience, I have learned to implement
problem-solving skills.

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