Youth Forward Scholarship 2018 – Fixing the Broken

Name: Rache Scimeca
From: Budd Lake, New Jersey
Grade: High School Senior
School: Mount Olive High School
Votes: 13

February 2, 2016. This day will forever be embedded into my head, so much so
it should be tattooed onto my body; but, the scars should suffice.
The pain has personally made its way into my memory, along with the
noise of my ACL popping right then and there at an away, varsity
basketball game. However, this injury helps me define who I am and
who I will become. At sixteen years old, most would worry about how
they have to get their permit soon or plan their epic sweet sixteen,
yet I was left worry about my future and what this injury could cost.
Through this pain however, I was introduced to my future.

Justly, I became dedicated those who endure the same pain who are injured,
sick, or in need of any type of aid. Therefore, joining my First Aid
department allowed me to realize the importance of health and the
well-being of a community or family. It is because of my love for my
community that I expanded my horizons in the Emergency Medical
Services (EMS) spectrum by successfully completing an Emergency
Medical Technician (EMT) course, then soon after becoming a New
Jersey State Certified EMT. There on, my future intentions in the
medical field became concrete. My community service aids in my
ambitions to help those to no longer feel broken, like I once did.
While ensuring the safety of my town every Friday night from 7:00 pm
to 7:00 am and many other times when crises and scrambling occurs, I
am able to see my neighbors, friends, and even strangers to me that
live in my town while riding the ambulance.

Although this may seem heartwarming, I am also vulnerable to worst of times
when the sick cannot be cured or the injured cannot be healed. During
my two years volunteering, I have seen families hit their breaking
point as they lose their loved ones in unexpected tragedy. I have
learned to carry this with me wherever I go as a reminder that no one
is guaranteed tomorrow. With this in mind, as an aspiring physician
assistant, I hope to better the wellbeing and healthcare of the
people of society. However, I feel as though EMS could never leave my
life. In my community, I plan on staying an active member and devoted
EMT to my neighbors. This activity is something I consider to be
forward looking, as I wish to better myself and my community because
the town became safer as a result of my own personal growth in my
goals. It is the times where I do not receive any alerts to go rescue
someone that is the most satisfying, as I know through the lack of
commotion that everyone in my community is safe. Altogether, my
intentions with the healthcare of the future provide reassurance not
only to myself, but also my patients as an EMT and my future patients
as a physician assistant.

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