Youth Forward Scholarship 2018 – My contirbution – a small way to give back

Name: Rishabh Midha
From: Monmouth Junction, NJ
Grade: 12
School: South Brunswick High School
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Picture a High
School senior, Captain of his high school swim team, proud of the
many medals that he has gathered over the number of years in this
sport- something young budding swimmer would dream of..

Well, that was my
dream growing up, but I had to fight many battles with my health,
search for answers for my lean body type, and compete with swimmers
twice my size and body weight. But I stuck to my dream, one coach to
another till I found the right match, and finally I guess I stated to
figure it out, and stated seeing the fruits of my hard work.

As I was
practicing for a swim meet one day, I saw what I can say a replica of
myself in the pool– only many years younger. I saw the anxiety, the
dream and the confusion in his eyes, and it became my mission to help
him out. And I did –and not only for that little boy, I started
giving my time to many boys and girls – individually helping them
with their technique, with managing school work and swim practice,
diet, everything that would help them succeed as a swimmer and as an
athlete. I started devoting more and more time at the local swim
place, my coach encouraged me – and I spent 4-6 hours every week
for over 2 years, making sure I can give my very best to help the
young boys and girls. My most rewarding moment was when one day after
a swim meet, a young boy took me to his parents and told them the he
wanted to be like me one day. I had tears and my eyes, and told him
that one day he should be even better than me!

Apart from
volunteering at the local swim, I also volunteer at a local pet
shelter, which is where we rescued our dog form, and I go there 2
hours a week to help at that shelter.

Giving back in any way to the community is a very humbling
experience, and I will continue to do so wherever I go.

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