Youth Forward Scholarship 2018 – My Life as an Act of Service

Name: Kailin Hurrle
From: Wadsworth, Ohio
Grade: 12
School: Wadsworth High School
Votes: 0

My Life as an
Act of Service

Most people tend to think of the word as a noun. However, I love the
definition of the verb, which reads: “To perform a routine
maintenance or repair work  (on a vehicle).” Now, obviously
this essay is not about how to give an oil change or replace the
battery in your car. However, I really like the verb definition
because it contains two words that truly define what service should
look like. Routine and maintenance.. When we think about service we
tend to think of it being a one-time act. Something that we do once
and then we are done.  If you look at service as a one-time
thing, the focus is on the person committing the act, not the one who
is receiving it. Through growing up in the church, I have discovered
the joy and the fulfillment one can attain by living a lifestyle of

since I was old enough to walk, my parents were encouraging me to
serve those around me. Early on, this looked like helping my mom with
dinner, making my dad breakfast in bed, or helping a grandparent
clean their house before the holidays. As I grew older, I began to
pursue service and volunteer opportunities that involved things I was
passionate about. I found out that by serving in the children’s
ministry and teaching sunday school that I really love working with
kids. I was able to learn through leading and serving on the worship
team during Vacation Bible School that I have a gift for music and
that I have a passion for singing and dancing. But most importantly,
I learned that I thrive in community.

my life as an act of service can look like taking part in all those
activities, but it also means that my focus is not on myself, but on
how I can better the lives of those around me. Actively building
community and relationships so that I can encourage those around me
and serve them as well. This can look like tutoring someone before a
test, packing my brother’s lunch for him, or even just giving
someone an encouraging note who has had a bad week. The important
thing is that you are living in a way that makes the lives of others
better because of your presence.

Living your life as
an act of service means you are committed to changing the future, and
in turn, the world. People are fighting for global change around the
world. They are marching for peace, creating petitions for more
rights, and holding assemblies to raise awareness. However, all these
efforts are futile unless we decide to put our brothers and sisters
ahead of ourselves and approach people and ourselves with kindness,
generosity, and empathy. I will continue to live my life as an act of
service in hopes that one-day, my children and their children will
live in a world where service isn’t a noun, but a verb.

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