The abandoned and sick

Name: hannah rene rodriguez
From: Fresno, California
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Youth Forward – Scholarship Opportunity for Exemplary Volunteers

  • I chose to volunteer with abandoned animals and young sick children. I
    chose this because I love animals and small kids. I feel like I can
    work to the best of my ability when I can give back to my community.
    I have spent way more than a 100 hour of my time while going to
    school and working part-time. I feel that maybe this wasn’t enough
    and I could give more. As a volunteer you are required to give a
    commitment of six months. However, when I leave for college I may
    need to break the commitment agreement because I didn’t count on
    leaving my hometown to attend a University. My goal was to build a
    relationship with my community since I did not put forth the effort
    when I should have. Since the beginning all I did was focus on the
    SAT’s and good grades. My biggest regret was that I should have
    started when I was younger. My biggest challenge as a volunteer at
    the Animal shelter was not being able to hold all the animals that
    seemed scared and alone. We were taught not to have contact with the
    less and unfortunate animals that were real sick. That broke my
    heart. All I wanted to do was comfort them. I felt the most
    satisfaction though when I would walk into a hospital room in my
    little volunteer apron and kids that were sick would light up
    because they would have someone to play with or talk to. I always
    felt fortunate that I was not a sick kid or that I had to live in a
    hospital room. Someday I hope to become a child Psychologist or
    Nurse, so that I can have a big impact on the lives of the innocent.
    You see things that you can’t forget. I want to make sure that I
    leave this world knowing I made somewhat of a difference on others’
    lives. It’s important to give back to those who need it most.
    Animals and small sick kids never asked to be abandoned or sick from
    cancer. For me, I want to look back and tell my children that it
    made me a better person because I cared. Knowing now, that I can
    help those by giving them my time, is a huge impact on our society
    of youths. We need to teach more kids like adults that giving back
    to your community will make you a better person. Even after I
    retire, I will still volunteer. I think it’s important to all
    students as well as adults to share in the process of volunteering
    your time. I loved every minute of it from feeding the kittens that
    had no mother to comforting a baby in the Neonatal Intensive care
    unit. It brings you the greatest feeling of accomplishment. I
    wouldn’t have it any other way if I had to change anything about
    my volunteer service. It will help shape the young adult I am and
    hopefully shed light on those that see me giving back.