Youth Forward Scholarship 2018 – The Beauty Of Volunteering

Name: Jordan Ezekiel Pemberton
From: Houston, Texas
Grade: 11
School: Jack Yates Senior High School
Votes: 0

Over the various years I have done a pretty good amount of volunteer
work. I have volunteered at VAP (Veterinary Assistance Program) which
helps and takes care of lost and rescue animals and helps them to
find new homes, as well as going around flooded neighborhoods during
Hurricane Harvey and just helped them clean up and tear down what
they needed to. I even went brought some of these family’s food
while they were working. I can honestly say helping people with their
homes was the hardest work due to the sheer volume of work as well as
the physical tool. I had to lift heavy objects, swing large carpentry
tools to break walls, and other things of that nature. Helping at VAP
I just had to wash animals, their cages, walk them, clean up after
them, give them occasional shots, simple things of that nature that
were much more enjoyable. I also consistently pick up various types
of garbage around my community as well, even though this doesn’t
quite qualify as volunteer work, but it makes me feel the best
because I do it unofficially on my own will. I do these different
types of work because, I love animals, nature, the Earth, and I just
enjoy helping people because we are all on this Earth together and I
believe we are put on this Earth together to work with one another.
Every month, I say I work about 15-20 hours of volunteer work. I
believe that all my volunteer work has made a positive impact on
either the community I’ve helped, the animals since I’ve helped
many of them find a great home, or I’ve helped restore people’s
homes to their former beauty. My volunteer work could be considered
very “forward looking” has it is helping make the future a better
place for every person (or animal) I have touched or made life easier
for (by cleaning communities). I think that if I keep doing volunteer
work people will see my work, appreciate it, and maybe be inspired to
volunteer as some point as well in some they love. Volunteer work is
typically always for good causes and to help people, so if more
people volunteer, more people are being helped, and the world becomes
a happier, safer, better place.

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