Youth Forward Scholarship 2018 – The Vitality of Volunteering among Youth

Name: Sloane Michelle Sengson
From: Flowery Branch, Georgia
Grade: 12th
School: Johnson High School (Current), University of Georgia (Committed for 2018-2019)
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Forward Scholarship Application Essay

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Impact of Volunteering in My Life


I am mainly involved in three various medical facilities. Within these
three medical facilities, I was encouraged by friends and/or
community members to pursue various types of service to help broaden
my knowledgeability of various needs in my community. The three
medical facilities that I volunteer at include the local hospitals,
the local pregnancy clinic, and an urgent care clinic.


Giving of ones time for service is the most
irreplaceable and sincere gift anyone can give. Time can
be taken back and in the right circumstances, can be utilized to
change the world. Volunteering has become my world and provides me
with an identity to share my passion with others. As I review my
past, present and future service, I begin to reassemble why I began
volunteering and how it has impacted me. Most of my community service
is at three various medical facilities in which I have planted myself
over my high school career. From the first time I walked into these
facilities, I knew my passion laid at the foot of the door. My keen
eagerness to learn new things and my desire to work in the medical
field expanded my opportunities in these facilities as I began to
develop relationships with my peers, advisors, and staff. Many of my
tasks as a volunteer include supply and office management, pet
therapy, triaging patients and running various labs and test. The
ability to volunteer has enabled me to take the initiative and to be
actively approaching every new situation that I have been placed
within and to excel in that area. I enjoy volunteering because I
believe that these experiences and the lives that I have impacted
have changed the course of my life and allowed me to pursue the field
of medicine—the unwavering service to my community. Through my
service, I have found that reaching out into my community not only
aids others but myself as I have been able to personally grow and
mature. I truly believe that my constant and unrelenting commitment
has allowed me to learn new skills and helped me to encourage others.

Some examples of volunteer programs that I have helped completed at the
hospital were various projects such as reprograming the entire
staff’s work pagers and phones and assisting the opening of our new
labor and delivery floors. In these cases, much of the staff
benefited as I spent time ensuring time efficiency and fluidity of
the project that I was participating with. Another example of a
personal favorite project I enjoy is delivering cards and gifts to
patients on various holidays such as Valentine’s Day and Christmas. I
help gather hundreds of holiday cards from various schools and pass
them out to every patient on these holidays. Sacrificing these
holidays in the hopes to see smiles on patient’s faces and to
initiate a happy ambiance for the patients while being sick during
holidays pushes me to pursue these projects continually. A
significant program that I have volunteered with at the local
pregnancy clinic is the baby fundraising programs. In this case, I
receive hundreds of donations in which I organized at their local
store to help new mothers and fathers. I organized an endless amount
of diapers, clothes, various baby equipment, and money that assisted
the clinic while they could provide for the growing families of our

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