Youth Forward Scholarship 2018 – Volunteering for a Fashion Revolution

Name: Jasmine Brockberg
From: Rogers, Minnesota
Grade: High School Senior
School: Rogers High School
Votes: 0

Gibran once said, “There are those who give with joy, and that joy
is their reward.” The best part of volunteering is the joy you
receive from being able to help out others. Because of that, I chose
to volunteer mainly with younger children, whether it be at their
school, theater department, or athletics. It is especially rewarding
to see the positive effect that you can make on someone’s life and
how it may affect their future. However because I primarily volunteer
with younger kids, I sometimes struggle with being exceptionally
patient and allowing them to learn lessons the hard way. After
volunteering over ten hours a month, often with the same kids, they
know how to aggravate each other and occasionally me. Overall these
volunteering opportunities has taught me the importance and effects
of positive influences. Everyone thrives off of role models, positive
feedback, and guided learning through mistakes.

of my career goals is to reinstall confidence in women that they had
when they were children. According to a study by Dove, “4% of women
worldwide consider themselves beautiful.” Sadly this is only a 2%
increase from 2004. My volunteer experience has shown me that as
little girls grow up, they lose self esteem. My goal is to try and
stop this confidence loss, turning it instead into a growth of
confidence. I believe this is forward looking because it is
progressive and an attempt to positively change the world. I believe
that my volunteer work, hopefully like my future work, will have
positively touched the lives of those around me.

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