Youth Forward Scholarship 2019 – A Safer Society

Name: Anam Khan
From: Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania
Grade: Senior (2018-2019)
School: Stroudsburg High School
Votes: 0


Safer Society

permit to drive is a major milestone in a young person’s life. It
opens them into the world of a new kind of independence and freedom
that wasn’t available to them before. A whole new world of
possibilities. With this, young drivers reach a new level of
confidence, sometimes leading to overconfidence, which can lead to
reckless driving. This creates the need for a greater importance on
driver education, especially in order to reduce the number of deaths
related to driving. Driving education is key in creating smart
drivers, and an operative way to limit an issue that can be easily
taken care of with careful and effective education. Steps that can be
taken to reduce the number of deaths related to driving would be a
more intensive process when a person gets their permit. In the state
of Pennsylvania, when a person gets their permit, they must complete
supervised 65 hours of days driving, within that, 10 hours of night
driving, and must wait 6 months before taking the road test. The
error in this, is that there really isn’t a way to monitor how much
of the driving was really done in a setting that would help improve
the driving and not just to get the hours done. What could be done to
help this, would be making driving lessons with a professional
instructor for a specific amount of time, in addition to those hours,
as a requirement in order to take the road test. As a new driver
myself and who has taken a driving ed course, it has greatly helped
with not only my confidence, but with my overall awareness of the
road and how essential it is to pay attention. Teaching driver’s
safety as a requirement in each school to implement guidelines into
each student’s mind. I have been fortunate enough thus far to have
not been involved in a car accident but have seen my family members
drive irresponsibly. An example would be texting and driving, which
always leads to my dad swerving just a little bit or getting honked
at for causing a disruption in the road. No matter how little it may
seem to just send out a quick text and think “it won’t happen
this time,” is never the mindset to be in, because why do something
that can be so easily avoided. Steps that can be taking to be an
all-around safe driver and keep others safe on the road would be
completely aware of your surroundings. Meaning: absolutely no
texting, turn down loud and disruptive music, and don’t get cocky
with your abilities. The best way to be the best driver, is to always
take precautions and avoid mishaps that can be evaded. Driving
education is essential in creating a better world, no matter how
small the cause, it is key in keeping everyone safe.

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