A Trip to Tomorrow

Name: Endily Garcia
From: Bronx, New York
Votes: 13175

My first time behind a wheel, I’m only 13. How am I going to do? Is
this safe? Many questions rushed through my mind the first time I
drove my dad’s car.
At the time, I was living in the Dominican Republic, a country where
driving is more of a risk than an advantage. My first lesson was on
the way to my house. The street was desolate but that did not calm my
fear. I have always been a mature person because I always have the
risk of any action present. Unfortunately, many drivers mow when they
are behind a wheel. Many want to impress friends, and yet they feel
the need to reach speeds that are not safe.

The most important thing before you place anybody in front of a wheel is
to teach them the safe way to do it. Very few people, including
people with experiences or apprentices, know what are the safety
steps that should be taken when driving. The fact that they must wear
the driving belt, Always look at the mirrors, since when driving
they have to take care of other’s life. If there is alcohol in the
body, Never place yourself behind the wheel. One of the biggest
causes of car accidents in the past decade has been the cellphone.
That device that has made life simpler for everyone. But for many
that artifact that ended with the life of a loved one when was behind
a wheel. Few of us know when and where to use it. Definitely at the
time of driving, we should know that it is not a good place or time
to use it. Regardless of the time taken behind the wheel, the phone
should always be away of the driver’s view.

I started driving when I was only 13. Because of the driving courses
and the advice that my father has given me when it comes to being
behind a wheel. Young drivers sometimes do not understand the
importance of taking driving lessons to educate themselves with
people prepared in the area who teach them how to prevent any
accident, and the safety that should taken. I can proudly say that I
am 17 and I haven’t been in a car accident before, because my safety
is my priority. Many of my Dominican friends died while driving

People must educate themselves in order to reduce the death rate that have
been established in the past years. Always keep the eyes on the road,
have the seat belt on, and the phone away. It will keep their life
safe while driving but also whose around them. Most important, it
will keep family and loved ones stable. the hardest thing for a
person to witness, is to be at a funeral. All those people who love
them, mourn disconsolate for the loss. Do not be the cause of their
sadness. Keep your life and that of others safe when you are behind a
wheel. Drive carefully.