Youth Forward Scholarship 2019 – An instant

Name: Jazlene Valverde
From: El Paso, Texas
Grade: Senior
School: Valle Verde Early College High School
Votes: 0

instant, a moment, a single second can be the thing that can change
your life for the better or for the worse. 5,864 teen drivers die in
a fatal car accident every year. This number shouldn’t be so high
and the ability to reduce it isn’t an impossible task. Driver
education is something that is commonly over looked in today’s
society. It is seen as a tedious thing that is just in the way of the
ticket to freedom. A driver’s license is the ultimate goal in the
eye of a teenager. Going out for lunch, going to the movies or just
driving around with friends jam packed in the car. This all sounds
like fun and games but the moment that instant, moment or second
where you must decide to between being a reckless driver or a safe
one, you make the wrong decision, that can cost the lives of not only
you but your friends and harm their family in the process too.

earliest recollection of being in a car accident was when my family
and I were driving from the movie theatre, giddy with excitement and
post movie adrenaline. We were on our way to get something to eat and
having a conversation about what we should have. A flash, tires
screeching, and a gasp is all I remember before the impact. We were t
boned from the right. Luckily we were okay but the car was wrecked.
The woman who had caused all of this destruction was drunk and had
her own children with her in the back. I cannot imagine the dear they
felt watching their own mom taking such reckless and irresponsible

experience was an eye opener and since that day I vowed to never put
a family into as much distress as that woman had done for our family.
I take my drivers education seriously and want everyone to do so too.
Being able to accept that driving isn’t something that you are up
to par with is a huge step into being a better and safer driver.
Taking into consideration all of these scary statistics and warning
anecdote I expect for people to understand and comprehend the
importance of driver education and how driving rally gives a person
the keys to somebodies destiny.

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