Youth Forward Scholarship 2019 – Auto Mobile Safety

Name: Aaron Ridley
From: Memphis, Tennessee
Grade: Highschool Senior
School: Whitehaven Highschool
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Mobile Safety

appeal is there in an automobile? For many teens and adults it is an
opportunity to express independence. For some, their automobiles
represent their livelihood, in the case of truckers. And for others
still, automobiles simply represent a way to get from point A to
point B. In truth, automobiles have consistently proven to be the
catalyst for the loss of an unprecedented amount of human life. Why
is this? In honesty, this is due largely in part to human negligence.
So many drivers are blissfully unaware that the slightest lapse in
judgement, the slightest mistake, can end in disaster. While it is
unlikely that driver related deaths will be completely eliminated in
the foreseeable future there are many ways to reduce the number
drastically, such as making a personal pledge to adopt safer driving
habits, encouraging friends and loved ones to adopt the same habits,
and educating the general public on the importance of safety when

terms of reducing deaths as a result of driving, educating drivers
should be the number one priority. A person who knows the rules of
the road is vastly safer than someone who drives without knowing the
fundamentals. After the fundamentals, the most important thing that a
driver should be educated in is just how dangerous driving can be. It
would be far more prudent to make someone aware that driving is not
something to be taken lightly than to allow them to drive around
unaware of the danger that they are subjecting themselves to. It is
my personal belief that being educated in any topic makes you all the
better for it, and driving is a topic that one would be remiss to not
be educated in.

the death rate as a result of driving should be our primary goal.
There are many steps that could be taken to work towards this end.
First, as previously discussed, is drivers being educated on the
danger that they are subjecting themselves to. The next step, in my
mind, is to introduce and enforce stricter driving laws. If there are
laws and boundaries in place for drivers to adhere to, they become
safer in the long run. In addition to this, it is my belief that
drivers should hold themselves accountable, and know when they are
and aren’t in a position to drive safely or responsibly. Moving
beyond just the drivers, automobile manufacturers should also be held
responsible in this argument. What can they do to prevent automobile
related deaths? For one thing, they should continue to develop
technologies that will make up for unavoidable human error. One
example is sensing technology that will stop the automobile should it
get too close to an obstacle. Another, more obvious example would be
to improve the design of automobiles to prevent as much damage as
possible should an accident actually come to fruition. The final
method for reducing automobile related deaths, which will be further
discussed shortly, is to have people adopt better driving habits

many times have you ridden passenger in an automobile and the driver
has made you feel less than safe? In the past month alone, I can
think of at least five friends or family members who have made me
feel this way. A few examples of this are the fact that my father
drives far too fast, my cousin glances at her phone a few too many
times for comfort, a friend of mine takes turns fast enough to make a
car flip, and my mother shifts between lanes seemingly without
looking sometimes. In addition to this, I have been in one major
accident in the past. About ten or eleven years ago, on my way to
elementary school, my father ran head first into the back of a car in
front of what would be my high school years later. No one was majorly
injured thankfully and I got to school on time. Unfortunately the car
was totaled. I have since reflected on that day many times, and have
learned from the occasional irresponsible driving habits that the
people in my life display to improve my own driving. One thing I do
to improve my driving is to eliminate all potential distractions
before my car starts moving. This includes silencing my phone and
having my radio and air conditioning settings done ahead of time. I
also frequently check what drivers around me are doing in order to
make safe decisions not only for myself but for them as well. I also
do my best to adhere to the speed limit. I do whatever is in my power
to ensure that I’m never in a position where speeding becomes a
necessity. Finally, I do my best to become familiar with the driving
habits of the people in my vicinity. This way I am able to be more
prepared to respond to anything that they may do. What I can do to
help other people become safer drivers is advise them to take similar
steps and call out irresponsible driving habits when I see them.

conclude, driving can be a very dangerous, and often times lethal
activity. In reality every person who drives puts themselves in
danger, and those who drive irresponsibly put themselves in even more
danger. Despite how it is now though, it doesn’t have to be that
way. There are ways to reduce automobile related fatalities. Safer
driving habits and increasing technology will see to it that
eventually, driving fatalities will be a thing of the past. Until
that time however, drivers, young and old alike, should take caution
to be informed and educated about all of the intricacies and details
that come along with driving and should never forget to adopt safe
driving habits.

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