Youth Forward Scholarship 2019 – Being A Safe Driver

Name: Jabriea Helen Johnson
From: Baltimore, Maryland
Grade: 11
School: Baltimore City College
Votes: 0

A Safe Driver

education is very important in order to reduce the number of deaths
as a result of driving because there are a lot of people who do not
understand the simple things that they can do to ensure that there
are no deaths. Driver education teaches a driver how to safe and
responsible on the road, it teaches you how to have common sense and
do not take driving for an advantage, people should always cherish
being able to drive anywhere. It also teaches you how to very
responsible and thinks of the lives of people that they might take
the life of. The point of the driver education is to make people
think about things like if they wanna take the life of someone or if
they hit someone, they have to think about how their family will feel
when their loved ones are gone, they also have to think about how it
would impact them and have that on their heart. There are a lot of
steps that could be taken to reduce the number of deaths, such as
having police officers keep an eye out for people who may be driving
too fast, on their phones or may look suspicious. If someone has a
point on their license or if they have to do programs or continues to
crash their car may have to be looked at a little more closely
because they have already got in trouble for their driving before.
But sometimes it is not always the driver’s fault, people are just
not paying attention and they walk out into the street or looking at
their phone and not paying attention to the roads. I have not been in
an accident before but I know someone who has because they were not
paying attention and they were too close to the other car and it
caused them to run into a poll and hit a car and the curb. The car
was crashed and was totaled, we also believe that this person was
drinking as well. Some steps I can take to be a better driver would
be to be on the lookout for my surroundings and never take my eyes
off the road because someone could be irresponsible at any moment and
walk out into the street and there is a chance that they will get
hit. There is no such thing as being too safe when it comes to

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