Youth Forward Scholarship 2019 – Blind Side

Name: Kaleb Seaberry
From: Walker, LA
Grade: 12th
School: Walker Highschool
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Kaleb Seaberry

Walker Highschool



In the year
2017 the total number of recorded car fatalities was 37,133 people.
Think about that number for a second. Considering how many people we
have in the United States, it doesn’t seem like a lot. Every year
almost 2,000 kids under 16 die in car crashes due to simple mistakes.
I have some ways I think we can decrease the number of deaths each
year if we just take a little more precaution.

First, in the
Driver’s Ed class offered to students all across America I think
they should take more time to express the importance of the safety if
takes to be a driver. There should be a course that can express to
the students that safety could be the thing that could save their
life or another. In a lot of the cases where car crashes lead to
fatalities can be concluded with the fact that someone was one their
phone. A simple text can lead to losing or taking the life of an
innocent person. If we would have to spent more time in class and
gave more details on ways to be a safe driver and explain the
importance of safe driving, then maybe we could as a whole reduce the
number of deaths in the United States.

Next, we could try and reduce the number of people who text and
drive. So many people want to just check their phone when they
receive text message but as soon as they look down the don’t
realize how that one text can result in a totaled car or taking a
life or even yours. It seems extreme but its honestly one of the
biggest enemies of safe driving. We can talk all day about the
importance of safe driving but no matter what, you’ll never be able
to stop everyone from getting one their phone in the car. But we can
try, we can try to reduce the amount and save as many lives as we

Recently I
was a witness in a car crash that could’ve ended my friend’s
life. She was on her phone and didn’t see the car in front of her
slamming on their brakes, and she rammed into the back of them. I was
two cars behind and I didn’t understand why the traffic wasn’t
moving but when I looked out of my window I saw my friend’s body on
the ground. Watching oncoming traffic, I jumped out of my car and
sprinted over to her and kneeled down by her body. She was a having a
seizure and I sat there and held her because I didn’t know what to
do. The whole front of her car was concaved and you could barely tell
what kind of car it was if you looked from the front. She’s lucky
nothing worse happened to her because if she would’ve been going
any faster then she could’ve been hospitalized or worse.

stories like this that you might not hear about but they are just as
important as the ones you see on the news. As humans it’s our in
our nature to make mistakes, but we could avoid so many of these
little mistakes if we would just take precaution in our driving and
focus on the importance of safe driving.

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