Youth Forward Scholarship 2019 – Changing The Way of the Road

Name: Nataly West
From: San Tan Valley, Arizona
Grade: Junior/Senior (Early Grad)
School: Combs High School
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E Shapinsay Dr


The Way of the Road

and driving has taken the lives of too many people. No matter how
important you think the message is, do not look at your phone while
driving. There are many ways you can avoid this. The first and
probably most obvious is to not bring your phone on the road with
you. This will obviously help because there won’t be any temptation
to look at your phone. Another way you can ensure you do not text and
drive is to turn the ringer off on your phone and put your phone away
in your purse. If you do not hear any notifications, then you will
not feel the need to pick your phone up and look. When something is
out of sight, it will be out of mind as well.

driving has many risk factors. You are putting your life in danger as
well as everyone else on the road. It is easy to prevent texting and
driving by taking a few precautionary measures. It is unfair to put
other people in danger because you feel like answering a text message
is more important than following the rules of the road.

everyone would like to say they practice safe driving habits, many of
us don’t. There are a few things all of could improve whether it be
to look in our mirrors more often, turn the music down, or watch our
speed more carefully. I have a few ways I can make myself a better,
less distracted driver.

am someone who has always been into music. While driving, I tend to
listen to my music very loud. Of course I still pay attention to the
road but I do believe it makes me distracted. I get into the lyrics
and begin listening to the music more than other cars on the road.
This could cause an issue one day if there were to be an emergency
vehicle approaching that I didn’t hear. I don’t drive obnoxiously
fast but I don’t abide by the speed limit one-hundred percent. I
don’t drive fast enough to put myself or someone else in danger,
but there is a risk that I can get pulled over for it. You should
always have two hands on the wheel and two eyes on the road. I
occasionally look over to someone in the passenger seat while having
a conversation. These few seconds could change anything drastically.

have never personally been into a car accident but I know of people
who have been and the toll it has taken on their families. About a
month ago, four boys from my town, (a few of which had gone to my
school), got into an accident from improper driving. The driver lost
control and the three passengers died. This has affected everyone
around and could have ended very differently if the rules of the road
were followed.

are a few things that I, as well as everyone else, could change to
make our roads safer. The rules aren’t here for fun. They have
meaning and purpose. Everyone should follow of the rules for maximum

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