Youth Forward Scholarship 2019 – Changing Tomorrow by Driving Today

Name: Megan D Boyles
From: Millville, Pennsylvania
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February 2019

Changing Tomorrow by Driving

young girl is headed into town. She always takes the longer back
roads so she feels safer, but today the roads are slick because of
the rain from earlier that morning. She is going 45mph in a 40mph,
but she always drives 5 over the speed limit, so it will be fine.
Suddenly, the car in front of her stops at a turn. She tries to break
in time, but she is driving her father’s SUV . . . she almost
stopped, but ran into the car in front of her at 10mph. This is the
story of a girl who tried to do everything right. A story of a girl
who tried to pay attention, who tried to stop in time, who tried to
be safe. This is my story. My name is Megan and I was in a crash in
January of 2019 because a driver did not slow down and turn on his
left turn signal until he was at his turn. It is stories like mine
that prove the importance of not only teaching, but practicing safe
driving in our daily lives. I was lucky because the man I hit was
understanding and uninjured, but there are stories just like mine
that end with a much different fate. This being said, it is essential
that all people in society take steps to educate drivers on road
safety, implement their teachings into their own lives, and
ultimately stop reckless driving.

it comes to educating the children of America about safe driving, it
is important that schools not only teach students the essential steps
to following the laws, but it is important that parents do the same.
Driver’s Education classes are implemented for students that are at
or around the age of 16 in Pennsylvania given that they will soon be
able to apply for their permit. In these classes, students learn how
to properly start, maintain, and stop their car before ever stepping
to it. With this, students are taught to go the speed limit, stop at
stop signs and lights, and be aware of their surrounding as forms of
safe driving. This means that the young drivers will know to stay
buckled, check their mirrors, and do more than look ahead when they
are behind the wheel. All of this is very beneficial, but it is
different after they get their permit. When children have the ability
to get behind the wheel with an adult, it is important that they
practice the safe driving tips they were taught. This being said, it
is up to the parents then to teach children how to dive safely by
checking mirrors, staying buckled, and paying attention to their
surroundings. If parents teach their children how to drive safely and
watch them practice, parents will worry less when children are on
their own and accidents will be less likely to occur. By teaching
drivers to be safe both in school and at home, the number of
accidents per year could decrease immensely.

it comes to safe driving, it is also important that those who are
teaching teen drivers how to be road conscious implement those
guidelines into their own lives. Teaching students to drive through
example is essential because students are more likely listen to
teachers and parents that are known for their road safety. If a child
has a parents who texts while driving or decides to drive with their
knees, it is very possible that the child will accept these habits
and even start implementing them into their own driving. If parents
and teachers band together in an effort to provide good driving
examples for the children, it is likely that conscious driving will
increase, causing accident percentages to decrease. There is the
mentality of “do as I say and not as I do,” but children have a
tendency to rebel against those who do not practice what they preach
which is why it is so important for the adults in their lives to
practice safe driving.

of these ideas will not only prevent bad driving habits and
accidents, but they will cause experienced drives and young drives
alike to work towards road safety. By coming together and not only
educating children, but making good habits for ourselves, the road
will be a much safer, happy way to travel. Accidents like mine can be
avoided if we remind ourselves and others to slow down and think
about other cars on the road. In the end, it will come done to a
community effort that will change the driving habits of those who are
currently driving, but with patience and practice, it can be

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