Youth Forward Scholarship 2019 – Crash

Name: Savannah Marie Giordano
From: Elmhurst, Illinois
Grade: Freshman
School: Elmhurst College
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by Savannah Giordano

education is extremely important in providing minimal car fatalities.
In drivers ed I was taught so many techniques to drive successfully
without accidents. For example we were taught that when your wheels
slide you are not supposed to slam your brakes, just to ease into
them and to steady the steering wheel. I think the number one step to
reduce driving deaths is to eliminate all distractions whether that
be silencing your cell phone, turning down your radio or even being
completely silent on car rides, when you are driving you need to be
100% focused on the road and everyone surrounding you. Last August I
was involved in my first car accident, it was the scariest thing I’ve
ever experienced. I was driving home at night around 9pm in an area
where there was no streetlights, I had my radio off, headlights on
and a clear road in front of me. I was traveling about 40 miles per
hour when I saw a black figure jut out of a subdivision, it was late
to react because the car drove straight into my driver side window. I
still remember the thud of the medal frames ringing in my ear. I was
absolutely frozen, I couldn’t move, couldn’t process what just
happened, I went numb. When I finally recuperated myself I called the
police and let them know what happened, then I called my mom. The
tone of her voice was so heartbreaking, I never want to put my
parents through this again. I myself was okay. My car on the other
hand, completely totaled. Although the accident was not my fault
because the other driver had no headlights on, it has made me so
aware when I drive now. Life is so precious and I am grateful to have
walked out of this accident without any injuries. One thing I do now
when I drive is look into my side and rear view mirrors every few
seconds. It helps me get a sense of my surroundings from all parts of
the car.

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