Youth Forward Scholarship 2019 – Distracted Driving Can Be Stopped

Name: Aidian Rea
From: Lincoln City , Indiana
Grade: College Freshman
School: Heritage Hills High School
Votes: 0

Distracted Driving Can Be

has been way too many deaths due to irresponsible driving. Most of
which can be avoided or prevented due to irresponsible people who
have no business driving. Some of which accidents happen is due to
distracted driving. I think most people know what causes most of
distracted driving accidents, Cell Phones. Cell Phones cause many
accidents because of texting, social media, and phone calls. Innocent
people have died due to other people’s stupidity and their
attachment to cell phones.

need to fix this tragedy that is happening every day, and it starts
with improving Drivers education. I think that every person who gets
their license needs to go through a program as well as take tests and
go through the driving portion of the exam. This will help people
understand what to do and how you avoid certain situations. I also
believe many parents need to step up their game in helping teach
their kids that way they have someone they trust help them through a
crucial process. I believe that this will cause irresponsible drivers
to decline and accidents to decline as well.

the real issue in this is Texting while driving. People have tried
multiple things to stop their habits but it will not work unless
people have a device that stops them from texting while driving. I
propose that each car should have an app that deactivates the car or
the phone that way you cannot drive with your phone on. That will
help dramatically with the app and cause way less irresponsible and
preventable accidents.

was in a car accident last year due to me not paying attention to the
front of the road. I was traveling in a big city, and was about to
turn onto the interstate. I look to my blindspot and it was clear,
then I look back and Bang! I ran into a very nice car who stopped at
the light. It was my fault because I was not looking forward. I was
driving a newer car but not new enough to automatically stop when you
are about to rear end someone. Those cars are taking a big step into
safety for their buyers. That is what every car needs to help stop
distracted driving.

are many things we as people can do to stop our habits. First, have
your parents, or if you are a parent, give a thorough lesson and help
their kids be successful and safe drivers. Next you need to put your
phone out of reach to avoid any temptations of picking up your phone.
I like to put my phone in the glove compartment or throw it in the
back seat. Then you should be good to go. This should help stop
tragedies and having distracted driving take lives of loved family

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