Youth Forward Scholarship 2019 – Distracted Driving Is No Joke

Name: Ireland Parker
From: York, PA
Grade: Junior in High School
School: York County School of Technology
Votes: 0

Driving Is No Joke

Transportation is
something nearly every American needs on the daily. Whether it be a
car, a bus, a bicycle, or even by foot. Due to carelessness,
distractions, and lack of road knowledge motorists and other
pedestrians are hit and killed on the daily. All of these accidents
are preventable, pay attention to the road and know your local
driving laws!

extensive driver training could save over 30,000 lives a year. Permit
tests should be longer with more critical thinking questions, these
questions need to be more interactive than just “what does the red
octagon mean?” The permit holder should have to take another
computerized test at the time of taking the drivers test. This second
test would ensure that drivers retained the knowledge from the first
test. Upon passing the second exam the drivers test should involve
critical thinking questions, rather than just using turn signals and
parallel parking. Instructors should be stressing the importance of
yielding, knowledge of less frequent road signs, and proper merging
techniques which will be used daily by the average driver. Yet
yielding, less popular road signs, and merging are not focused on.

great number accidents are due to lack of caution during inclimate
weather. Personally I have experienced several car accidents, but I
have never been the driver. One of them was caused by an icy hill
where our vehicle slid out into a busy road and we got hit and spun.
This experience has made me more precautious when driving during the
winter, down steep hills, and on wet or icy roads. Recently a friend
of mine caused an accident due failure to brake on time so over the
past 3 months I have been overly careful and braked at a safe
distance and remained at least a 1 ½ car distance from the vehicle
in front of me.

I feel one of the best ways to help a friend or family member to
drive safely is to point out the dangerous acts they do, remind them
of laws, and make them aware of driving fatality statistics. On a
more wide basis speaking with local representatives and advocating
for organizations like End Distracted Driving (EndDD) and Mothers
Against Drunk Driving (MADD).

driving is no joke, and needs to be taken seriously. Keep your eyes
on the road, slow down, and know the law!

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