Youth Forward Scholarship 2019 – Driving Education: A Right or a Privilege

Name: MacKenzie Milford
From: Barberton, Ohio
Grade: Junior
School: Barberton High School
Votes: 0

Education: A Right or a Privilege?

is no better education than driver education. It is the most
important class a person could take. Almost every person in the
United States will drive a car or ride in a car with another person.
There is a reason that driver education is so important and why
America needs to do better in the way in which we provide this
education. Deaths happen every day as a result of irresponsible
driving. There are steps that the United States can take in order to
reduce the number of deaths that occur every year as well as become a
safer driver.

have been in a car with a friend or family member that has driven
irresponsibly. This is a terrifying situation to be in when your life
is in someone else’s hands and they do not take it seriously. This
is why it is important that everyone receives driver education to
reduce the number of deaths in the U.S. every year. As a young adult,
I was not aware of the rules of the road until I went to driver’s
education before I got my license. Simple rules, especially on the
expressway, could save a person’s life. Another example is icy
roads; the roads of Ohio in the winter are nothing to mess with. I
was fortunate enough to receive education on how to drive on snowy
and icy roads; I believe this education has saved me from collisions
that could have been harmful. Others who might not received this
education could be confused as to what to do when an unexpected
situation may arise. Driver education is an important tool that can
save many lives all over the United States, reducing the deaths
caused by irresponsible drivers.
There are steps that should be
taken to reduce the number of driving related deaths. The first step
should be that everyone needs to attend driving school. If someone
turns 18 before receiving their license, they are not required to
attend driving school according to Ohio law. This should not be
allowed. If everyone is required to receive the training on driver’s
education then the number of driving related deaths will decrease.
The next step would be to have everyone with a driver’s license
renew them every ten years. Older drivers or drivers with recent
disabilities may put others at risk if they are not able to complete
the driving test that many teenagers have to pass every day. This
could make the streets safer for everyone. If a person does fail this
driving test multiple times, they should have to take driver’s
education classes to renew their driver’s license again.

are things that we as individuals can do to keep ourselves as well as
others safe on the road. First, always be aware of all surroundings.
The only way people can prevent any kind of collision or crash is to
be aware of what is around them. This can save you and others as
well. Secondly, inform friends and family members about driver’s
education; make sure that they are following the rules of the road.
Sometimes there is nothing we can do about a person who drives
irresponsibly unless we say something to them. This could help them
to think about their decisions and what they are doing on the road.
There are always precautions people can take to ensure our safety,
and others safety, on the road. Americans can learn the rules of the
road through driver’s education. They can also renew driver’s
license every decade to ensure their safety on the road. Americans
can also take precautions while driving such as being aware of
harmful surroundings. Although these steps may not remarkably change
lives; however, Americans can transform the rules of the road one
life at a time.

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