Youth Forward Scholarship 2019 – Driving for Others

Name: Alyssa Boisvert
From: Holly Springs, North Carolina
Grade: College Freshman
School: Holly Springs High School
Votes: 0

Alyssa Boisvert

sixteen, the big day every young driver waits for. In today’s
society, driving is so overlooked. It is a huge part of everyday
life. Many drivers are very careless when it comes to being on the
road. As a result, way too many accidents occur. Drivers education
needs to be taken more seriously and I believe it can help reduce the
number of deaths related to car accidents. This is important because
it allows students to learn from other’s mistakes and understand
the real dangers that come with driving. From personal experience, I
remember in my drivers’ education class a video that showed a severe
accident from intoxication. It always stuck with me how scary an
accident can be and I knew from that day forward I would pay careful
attention to the road.

education class can inform students of the dangers of driving
recklessly and show real-life examples. Along with classes,
advertisements can play a huge role. In a world filled with
technology, we can take advantage of it. Many people have stories
from being a victim or being the cause of a traffic incident. If
people are willing to share true stories, I believe it would be an
eye-opener to drivers everywhere. Seeing the truth behind how one’s
carelessness can affect a family, truly makes you realize you’re not
driving safe only for yourself, but others lives as well.

my family had just moved down to North Carolina, we got into a car
accident. I was three at the time and my sister, one. Thankfully me
and her left without a scratch, my parents, on the other hand, were
in bad condition. My dad had broken his neck and my mom’s thigh had
been slashed open. My grandparents had also been in a terrible car
accident when I was twelve. The other driver had T-boned my
grandparents’ car leaving them severely injured. I remember being so
upset at the driver, how could he be so careless that he completely
destroyed my grandparents’ car. These two occurrences have made an
impact on my life and the safety I take when I drive. Driving
dangerously affects all on the road.

know to be a better driver there are many little things I can take
control of. Putting my phone away, setting my GPS up before I begin
to drive, driving with low music volume, and cutting off all
distractions in my car. As for driving itself, I need to be aware of
my surroundings and take caution with what I do. Helping my friends
and family to become safer drivers I can encourage them to consider
others before themselves in the decisions they make when they drive.
Every action has a consequence. Little differences make huge impacts,
if everyone were to realize the little things they could do to make
the roads a safer place, I believe it would be. Driving is a
privilege and drivers need to act on it.

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