Youth Forward Scholarship 2019 – Driving in America

Name: Miranda Sage Hersh
From: macungie, Pennsylvania
Grade: High School Junior
School: Brandywine Heights High School
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in America



Driving is an everyday activity that most Americans take part in.
Being eligible to drive is one of the most exciting rewards about
being a teenager. However, the manner in which Americans learn how to
drive is corrupt. Parents and guardians of these teenagers put them
behind the wheel with no prior knowledge. Not only are the teenagers
unexperienced, the educators are as well. The only involvement the
parents or guardians have is the knowledge passed down from their
parents and their own driving experience. These guardians are
supposed to educate the following generation all about driving
safeties but what if they don’t know them all themselves? The death
rate of car accidents in the United States is currently higher than
the death rate of those in combat in Iraq and Afghanistan combined.
This means that greater precautions need to be taken when teaching
Americans to drive. A simple solution to this ongoing issue, would be
requiring that all new drivers be taught by a trained professional.
Requiring such precautions would make each generation safer and safer
behind the wheel eventually leading to less accidents and car related
deaths. Trained professionals who must go through instruction and
schooling would have much more knowledge on driving activities such
as the danger of texting, drinking, or something as simple as
changing the radio. Compared to parents who have their own job and
distraction within their own lives, these professionals are the safer
route. Drivers education is extremely important when it comes to
reducing the number of driving related deaths. Without being properly
informed of such safeties, numerous amount of accidents will continue
to happen. More personally, I have only been in minor fender benders
along with relatives and close friends. However, I have seen many bad
car accidents throughout my high school. Many students have gotten
themselves into accidents for many reasons from being under the
influence to weather related road conditions. No matter the
reasoning, these accidents can be avoided by pushing the importance
of driver’s safety onto many adolescents. Irresponsible driving is
one of my most considerable pet peeves. I will correct anyone that I
am with on their driving mistakes such as texting, talking on the
phone, or simply not paying attention to the road. I strongly believe
that changing the way Americans learn how to drive will change the
number of accidents in the United States tremendously.

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