Youth Forward Scholarship 2019 – Driving Responsibly

Name: Kristal J Galarza
From: DeLand, FL
Grade: 11
School: DeLand High School
Votes: 0

Driving is a huge responsibility that most aren’t even aware of.
Every single time you get into an automobile and start driving on the
road, you could be risking someone’s life. This is why we have
driver’s education in school and you are to take training before
earning a driver’s license. Although, being a safe driver isn’t
simply “staying off your phone” or “being sober”, it’s
being aware of your surroundings, and keeping yourself safe as well.
This includes wearing a seatbelt, not having your music too loud,
keeping your mirrors adjusted and making sure you don’t have other
distractions. These are important things to point out because many
accidents have been caused to reckless driving and more often than
not, deaths due to driving irresponsibly. There are many ways to
drive recklessly and no one is every completely safe and a perfect
driver. I have personally had family members affected by a drunk
driver that resulted in a broken jaw, head busted open, fractured
ribs, and a broken wrist, which is very lucky compared to most whose
cars are totaled due to intoxicated drivers crashing. This happens
much too often and I believe that there needs to be certain measures
taken. For example, having drivers retested every ten or so years;
this can prove that they’re still capable of being good drivers and
aren’t causing others on the road harm when driving. Another
measure is admitting when you’re not a responsible driver and being
able to have resources to help and train your mind to be aware. I can
admit that I’m not the safest driver and constantly have many
distractions while I’m driving, and would be willing to find help
to change that. Awareness while driving is something that needs to be
increased in America to reduce the amount of car accidents and deaths
due to these accidents. Changes start with you, and your ability to
spread awareness.

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