Youth Forward Scholarship 2019 – Driving Safely

Name: Abelardo Gonzales
From: Tolleson, Arizona
Grade: Senior in high school
School: Tolleson Union High School
Votes: 0


14, 2019


2012, there were over 30,000 deaths due to unsafe and irresponsible
drivers. The death of people can be from distraction to the drivers.
The importance of driver education is a crucial way to be able to
reduce the amount of deaths as a result of irresponsible driving. By
the reduction of deaths by unsafe driving, it can make the road safer
for everyone to drive. Driver education is important because everyone
will have acknowledgement of the rules of the road and should follow
the rules to have a safer driving experience. Likewise, there are
ways to learn the rules of road to drive safer and to reduce the
amount of deaths of people driving irresponsibly.

are several ways to reduce the amount of deaths as a result of unsafe
driving. For instance, someone can review the rules of the road to
stay fresh of the rules to be able to reduce the amount of deaths on
the road. Someone can limit the amount of distractions to be able to
reduce the death count from unsafe driving. In other words, people
can limit the use of cellphones that may impede the driver from them
driving. The person that is driving can also stay focused on the road
to prevent any problems such as, accidents that may result in death.
People would be involved in accidents in many ways.

I have not been, nor anyone from my friends or family, in an
accident. My friends and family would be safe and knowledgeable of
the drivers on the road. They would know the rules of the road to
reduce the amount of deaths by accidents. They are also focused on
the road rather than on their cellphones or anything that will
distract the driver of the vehicle. I can use a few steps to help
others to stay safe as drivers and as passengers.

steps someone can take to help others stay focused and remain safe
while driving. For example, someone can remind the driver the speed
limit as well as how fast the driver is going. The passengers could
also advise the driver not to be using their cellphones to reduce the
rate of an accident. Many accidents from irresponsible and unsafe
drivers result in a fatal crash to one, and or both, person(s).

the end, everyone should stay safe and responsible while driving to
help themselves, as well as everyone that is also driving. In this
way, there are less accidents and reduced amounts of death as a
result of accidents from unsafe drivers. Furthermore, driving is a
privilege that many people take for granted. In which case, can be
taken away very quickly. Therefore, remain responsible and safe on
the road and remember that it is not just you on the road.

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