Youth Forward Scholarship 2019 – Educated Drivers Save Lives

Name: Darian Badger
From: Phoenix, AZ
Grade: Incoming Freshman
School: Arizona State University
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Educated Drivers Save Lives

The underlying problem surrounding driving accidents in America is
becoming more prominent as annual driving accidents increase. In many
cases, these accidents are a result of negligent driving due to a
lack of education around driving safety. Educating drivers is the key
to lessening the chances of future accidents. One way to reduce the
risk of collisions is to increase awareness of the risks associated
with being on the roads. Many people do not realize that driving is a
huge responsibility, because as soon as you get in that car you are
responsible for keeping yourself and those around you safe. Failure
to pay attention to your surroundings by not stopping completely at
stop signs, failing to yield, and texting while driving are all
contributing factors that may lead to severe injury and in some
cases, death. Never get in the car if you are intoxicated. The time
it takes for you to call a friend to pick you up or find an uber to
take you where you need to go will be worth it. Would you rather
spend five minutes finding a safe ride home, or endanger yourself and
anyone else driving? Texting while driving is also becoming a larger
issue as the use of technology has increased the temptation for using
our phones while driving. You may think you can drive and be on your
phone, but multitasking isn’t something to try while you are at the
wheel. Driving deserves your full attention and concentration because
without them, your chances of being hurt increase drastically. I have
witnessed my family and friends driving irresponsibly, and although
it is difficult to speak up it is important that you do. Otherwise,
they and those around them could be injured and it will be too late
to say anything. To be a better driver, you need to take the time to
keep yourself informed about the repercussions of not following laws
put in place to keep you and others safe. If you want to be a safer
driver, turn your music down, fasten your seat belt, focus on the
road, practice defensive driving, and remember that your phone can
wait. It takes one mistake, one bad judgement call, or one text to
potentially end a life. So next time you are on the roads, just think
about the value of a life and what it means to you. Perhaps that will
help you decide whether to stop at that stop sign or take that phone

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