Youth Forward Scholarship 2019 – educating on mental health and addiction

Name: Robert O'Brien
From: stoneham, Massachusetts
Grade: 11th
School: stoneham high school
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part of the Youth Action Team club in my High School. It tackles the
struggle of mental health problems in teens along with the substance
abuse problem in our town. I joined because my brother is in recovery
from opioid addiction. This family experience made me aware of the
epidemic and the damage it creates. After receiving education it
inspired me to inform and help others. We meet every other Friday in
the morning for an hour. I have became one of the leaders for the
group. I don’t have any challenges. The most satisfying part of being
in the club as a leader is that people listen to me, I get to make
high power decisions and be a good role model. It pleases me to see
the positive effects our group has had on the youth in our town and
that we are fighting the stigma of mental health and addiction

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