Youth Forward Scholarship 2019 – Effects of DWI and DUI on Future Success

Name: Laura Valdez
From: El Paso , Texas
Grade: Senior
School: Valle Verde Early College Highschool
Votes: 0

are the effects of getting a DWI or DUI on our finances for the
future? Well, there is many, the main one being that if this DUI was
obtained when you were young and going to college or even before
going to college it would greatly impact you. Not only is there the
reputation of your peers knowing that you were dumb enough to risk
your life by driving under the influence, which is bad but not what
we are trying to address, there is the impact on your bank account.
On average,

DUI conviction ranges from $390 to $1,000 (The True Cost of a DUI)
and as a young college student any amount of money is going to impact
you. By receiving a DUI or DWI you have compromised your ability to
be able to pay for text books for the next semester or even pay
tuition. By you not being able to pay your tuition you have now put
your future on hold. Maybe you will even need to get a job to pay of
your debt and
to cut your school short in order to work an extra shift. By this I
mean, that going out and having fun and deciding to drive is a
decision that although it may seem easy not only are you risking your
life and putting others at risk but you are also compromising the
future that you may have, the career you may want to work in or even
something as simple as being able to pay for your textbooks for the
new semester. Point is, do not drink and drive and you will have an
easier more sustainable future in which you will prosper and be

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