Youth Forward Scholarship 2019 – Enjoy the Ride

Name: Macy Gardner
From: Stillwater, OK
Grade: High School Junior
School: Stillwater High School
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the Ride



only takes one mistake to change a life forever; so buckle up, turn
off, slow down and just enjoy the ride. When I turned 15, my parents
wanted to give me as much new driver training as possible so they
chose the online parent-taught course, Safe2Drive. They selected it
because they felt that I needed more than just a one-weekend crash
course in how to drive safely. Through this course I learned
valuable information regarding the laws and rules of safe driving.
But…I learned so much more by the hands-on practical training I
received from my parents. Such as, don’t just use your rear view
mirror but also turn your head to see what’s going on around you.
And, be careful when pulling into traffic; you have to learn to judge
the speed of the cars you are pulling in front of. One lesson I
learned the hard way involved a fender bender in my school parking
lot when I didn’t leave at least a car length in front of me.
There are so many more natural occurrences that we take for granted
as a new driver and parents who have had years of experience are able
to give sound advice in this area. I feel that driver education is
critical in saving lives. It’s important that when you get behind
the wheel you are being proactive in not only protecting your own
life but also that of others. Driving is a privilege not a right.
We drive

get us from point A to point B or perhaps to sight see; not to see
how fast we can get there or to socialize on our phones. We need to
get back to the days when driving was relaxing and it gave us quality
time to talk with those riding along with us. Too much time is spent
looking down or racing ahead to our destination. I strongly believe
that we need a new initiative when it comes to driver safety.
Perhaps better technology in our cars that will disable our phones
once they are inside a moving vehicle. There are places and
circumstances where your phones do not work inside buildings; why
can’t this be applied to our moving vehicles? If not, then we need
to turn our phones off. Maybe we need more billboards or reminders
on the radio. As for me; I will learn to “turn off” my phone,
“turn down” the radio, buckle up, drive slower and just “enjoy
the ride.”

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