Youth Forward Scholarship 2019 – Fighting for a Better Tomorrow

Name: Madison Harris
From: Salem, OR
Grade: 10
School: Early College High School
Votes: 0


for a Better Tomorrow

year more and more young drivers die as a result of not being
properly taught on how to be safe on the road. Families are losing
loved ones who never deserved the horrible tragedy that fell upon
them. As a nation, we need to work together in order to create a
better world. One where we are safe teens return home safely by the
end of the night. Too many people have lost their lives already,
meaning that some things need to change. I am tired of feeling
heartbroken every time I read or hear of yet another accident that
resulted in death. The ever-rising issue of young driver accidents
has caused me to really think about what our world is doing. We all
need to come together as one to prevent more pain and heartache from
reaching families of young adults.

very fact that so many young lives have been lost only makes driver
education of greater importance. Educating not only young adults, but
all ages would be beneficial when it comes to preventing more
accidents from happening. Driver education helps people to learn how
to be safe on the road and tells the reality of what events may take
place if we aren’t careful. It tells us all the ways on how to
ensure our safety and the safety of others. The more people who are
educated the less likely accidents are to happen. Many kids may grow
up learning from their parents, but the rules of the road are
changing all the time. Without the proper education many more lives
can be lost.

prevent many more accidents on the road, there are many steps that
can be taken. One important one could be to integrate driver’s
education classes back into the high schools. Many schools don’t
have it anymore or they don’t push the importance of actually
taking the class. Even offering free classes at a local community
center for drivers of all ages everywhere. This would give everyone
an opportunity to learn about the dangers of driving and how one can
be aware and stay safe.

I have not been personally affected by a loved one being lost in an
accident, I still experience unsafe driving among my family and
friends. These unsafe habits are any basic distraction, like phones
or music, or they are simply not in the right state of mind to be
driving. When I see these things happening, I always make sure to say
something. Staying silent is only cause for more deaths, but speaking
up will hopefully save more lives.

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