Youth Forward Scholarship 2019 – Gone for 8 Years

Name: Orlando Rios Jr
From: Phoenix, Arizona
Grade: 11
School: Barry Goldwater High School
Votes: 0

Orlando Rios Jr


Gone for 8 Years

Driving is the act of
controlling a vehicle, which most individuals take part in every day
and will be one of the most dangerous performances done by a human
being. Several people get behind the wheel thinking they are the
driver of high-caliber, which is already a mistake. When people take
charge of the vehicle, getting experience and being patient are the
keys to becoming a better driver every moment that is spent on the
road. A variety amount of people might want to consider going to
driving school or practice with an experienced family member in order
to put in the effort to keep the environment safer and decrease the
number of deaths. The main point of how a newbie taking the wheel is
different from a person who has been driving already is the
experience. Certainly, the people that have experienced have learned
greatly of when to brake, change lanes, and much more while gradually
reaching a better understanding of the surroundings. In various
situations, having experience is a necessity to create specific
safeties for yourself and those around you. However, for those who do
not identify themselves as experienced, the environment is safer just
be slowing down when the traffic light changes to yellow as well as
being aware of the cars around you after stopping at the red lights.
Additional methods to establish a more secure environment is by
alerting law enforcement immediately when there are drivers swerving
or driving inappropriately. The most tragic memory I have of a family
member driving irresponsibly occurred on August 18, 2013, when my
uncle suffered from a horrible accident. He was under the influence
of alcohol when he ran a stop light. This act caused him to take the
life of another twenty-seven-year-old man and have his spine
moderately damaged. The accident resulted in him having to wear a
back brace and continue serving 8 years in prison for first-degree
murder by a vehicle. My uncle’s unsafe actions were extremely
dangerous that produced unwanted consequences. Daunting moments like
these can be prevented by the simple act of wanting to drive safely.
The deed of driving under the influence puts every surrounding human
endangered which is never okay. Being behind the wheel of a car will
be one of the most dangerous things someone will do; cars will come
out of nowhere in any given time and there will always be drivers
going above the speed limit which is disobeying the law. I recommend
and will continue to obey the speed limit and wear the seatbelt at
all times, which are clearly ways that anyone can utilize to drive
safer. It is crucial to respect every rule, just like looking both
ways before turning right, because driving the correct way should be

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