Youth Forward Scholarship 2019 – Hope for Safe life

Name: Tanaihya Vandross
From: Moncks Corner, South Carolina
Grade: 12th
School: Berkeley High School
Votes: 0

for Safe Life

as a society are always talking about how we want to have a better,
safer world. We should start with the main cause that has been
killing our teenagers and young adults which is…..dangers in
driving. It’s important for us to know about driver education and
how it is important to know when and how to prevent any dangers from
happening. The importance of driver education is very important
because with that knowledge in the minds of our youth, they will know
that it is important to know when to prevent accidents from happening
in order to reduce said numbers from the result of driving. There are
many, many steps that can be taken in order to reduce the number of
death resulting from driving. The two most caused deaths related in
driving are drunk driving and texting while driving. When it comes to
drunk driving, we can prevent accidents from happening by not driving
and taking a cab (or in this generation, uber or lyft) to your house
and then waiting the next morning to go get your car. There’s also
just not drinking at all or not driving while being intoxicated. We
can stop deaths that are being caused by texting while driving in
very simple ways. We can just wait to text the people that are trying
to text us as we are driving. If we are in the car with someone in
the passenger seat we can just ask them if they can text for us in
those types of situations. Not to mention that texting while driving
is a major distraction in this society and so these ways can help
others and also help reduce the number of deaths that relate to
driving. I have been in one instants when we and my mom were almost
in an accident due to a driver not looking forward and too busy in
their phone to notice that we were driving forward as this driver was
trying to turn but not paying attention at the same time. Although
there were instants of people being irresponsible, there were times
where I would catch my mom typing on her phone trying to text someone
like my aunt or one of our cousins. I would have to talk with her
about how it’s unsafe of her to try to text a drive at the same
time. Now since then she would say that she’s not going to do it
but then ends up trying to text and drive anyways and then gets
talked too by me over and over again. But now in the state of South
Carolina, if you get caught texting while driving, you will have to
pay a $250 fine ever since they made that announcement, I have never
seen my mom try to text and drive ever again. We can all be safe
drivers if we all just help each other and tell each other the ways
of preventing accidents. We can actually use technology as the main
way of spreading the word and we can also do posters, billboards,
newspaper ads, etc. We need to understand that as people, it’s all
in the hope of having better, safer lives.

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