Youth Forward Scholarship 2019 – How Dangerous is Driving?

Name: Shea-Marie Mussaw
From: Gouverneur, NY
Grade: College Freshman
School: Gouverneur Central High School
Votes: 0


How Dangerous is Driving?”

soon as I turned sixteen, I was so excited to get my driver’s
permit. I counted down the days until I was able to take my driver’s
test. What I did not realize was how dangerous driving really was.
My parents had made it look so easy! I realized that was because
they had years of experience and took driving seriously. Teenagers
are so anxious to get behind the wheel they don’t understand the
importance of driver’s education.

education can lower the death rate and the accident rate. If people
took it seriously it would make doing anything so much safer.
Teenager’s brains aren’t fully developed when they start driving.
This makes it harder for them to understand the dangers. Plus, most
teenagers just want to showoff for other people.

though I personally have never been in a car accident, a few of my
friends in 11
grade were in a very bad accident. They were lucky to be alive. It
was a scary night to be living through. I believe they realized how
important safety is and how it should be taken seriously.

think driver’s education should be required for everyone to take
before they get their permit and then right before you are able to
get your license. Driver’s education talks about safety and the
rules of the road. It shows you the dangers of texting and driving
and driving while intoxicated. When I drive, I know to follow all
the rules, if the weather is bad I either don’t drive or I turn my
lights on, when I am emotional I won’t drive. I also know to never
text and drive, that text is not worth my life or someone else’s.
These steps help to keep everyone involved safe.

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