Youth Forward Scholarship 2019 – In the Driver’s Seat

Name: John Collin Skelton
From: Bullard, TX
Grade: 11th
School: Bullard High School
Votes: 0


January 2019

the Driver’s Seat

a teenager in 2019, it is difficult to see others my age losing their
lives because of a fatal car accident. There are far too many
reckless drivers on the roads. It is imperative that not just young
drivers, but everyone who operates a motor vehicle, is educated on
the importance of road safety. So many precious lives are at stake on
the roadway every day.

looking at the statistics of deaths by car crashes, it is truly
alarming. Educating new drivers on these topics may be able to
convince them to take driving more seriously. Supplying knowledge to
motorists through driver education can prevent accidents in numerous
ways. Not only do they have the prior information necessary to
maneuver the vehicle, but they are able to put forth what they have
learned and implement the proper strategies while driving.

a driver’s license takes great responsibility. When a person gets
behind the wheel, they have serious potential in their hands. A
driver needs to be sure they have adequate control over the vehicle
before they start their car. Drivers who get in the car under the
influence put not only themselves but countless others in extreme
danger. Reducing drunk drivers through punishment may be slightly
effective, but it still happens again and again. A stronger
understanding of the severity of intoxicated driving for younger
individuals may encourage the new generation of drivers to not
partake in such a dangerous act.

high school, friends attempt to get their license right as they turn
16. The first thing anyone wants to do when they get their license is
take their friends out for a drive. Although it may be exciting to
have the independence of driving with your friends by yourself, it is
vital that there is no distraction from the driver’s concentration on
the road. There should be no cell phone usage or taking eyes off the
road. In my experience, I have seen a friend talking on the phone
while driving, but I decided not to say anything. A couple of minutes
later we were pulled over, and he received a ticket for that exact
reason. It may seem critical to text someone back, but it turns into
a problem to go home and tell a guardian that there is a fine to pay.

should not be a burden to stay focused while operating a vehicle.
Encouraging others to stay away from their phones may be able to aid
the decline in killings on the road. Before driving, one should have
an acceptable mindset. Getting in the car angry may not be the safest
option as you may experience road rage. Reliable driving can benefit
all who are on the roadway and may prevent many accidents from
occurring. Individuals should be motivated through education,
statistics, and positive influence. Let us vow to stay safe and drive

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