Youth Forward Scholarship 2019 – It could be your family

Name: maria De Jesus Gonzalez
From: irving, tx
Grade: 10th
School: nimitz high school
Votes: 56

Driving is something
that happens day to day.So frequently that we forget the importance
of driving.

We need to take the
rules of the roads seriously because breaking certain rules can lead
to severe accidents for example,it can destroy a family .Even that it
will ruin you, knowing that you are the one who caused a death.

Now, with simple
efforts you can prevent a tragedy.Since the younger generations are
now starting to drive, it is important for them to know the
precautions and consequences of driving.Following the rules like ¨No
texting and driving¨, ¨No drinking and driving¨ , and following
the street lights and signs and very much more.

It takes a
little to help others make the right choice with a simple reminder of
¨I love you drive safe¨

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