Youth Forward Scholarship 2019 – Lets not lose a second on the road but make it home

Name: Lauren Lujan
From: Grand Prairie, Texas
Grade: Senior
School: Arlington Collegiate Highschool
Votes: 0

many people understand the importance of road safety and why it’s
so highly regulated before getting behind the wheel. Road injuries
are one of the leading causes of death in the world yet that still
isn’t drawling people’s attention. So how do we find new ideas to
bring more awareness to this issue? As numerous of people are coming
together to shine light on this matter there is only so much people
can do which is the brutal truth.

it’s still essential that communities continue spreading awareness
through many forms to stop dangerous drivers. It can bring that one
person in who hasn’t been practicing safety driving to realize
their driving can have serious implications. Ultimately, the goal for
defensive driving classes is to provide the rules and regulations to
the younger inexperience teenagers. In addition, this class wants to
shape the mindset of the inexperienced to follow by these rules. As
a seventeen year old, I sometimes find myself getting distracted or
going over speed limit. In fact, I had an incident around a year ago.
The lights weren’t working at a really busy intersection so like
everyone else, I treated it as a four way stop. However, when I
arrived to the intersection I didn’t pay attention to who was there
first because I was changing music on my phone. That’s when I got
scared because I wasn’t mindful of the other cars around me and
decided that maybe it was my turn. In a blink of an eye, a car was
going far faster on my side of the car and hit me. Even thought it
might have not been a horrible accident, it was mind-alternating.

are so many things that we can do to change the bad habits that
drivers get when they start driving. One that doesn’t seem like a
big problem but can be is when teenagers want to start driving so
they watch their parents. I was a victim of this because I believed
that my mom was so “experienced” that I could take some notes.
Parents need to have good driving habits themselves because sometimes
their teenagers will tend to carry their bad habits. Another thing
that parents can do to help their children be good drivers is by
emphasizing the importance of safety driving. Specifically, parents
should explain the significance of being conscious on the road due to
the major possibility of a car accident and how it will affect their
loves ones if something tragic transpired. Not only can they hurt
themselves but hurt somebody else and their family. I truly believe
that parents play a big role in how their teens will drive when they
began. There are indefinite distractions that can occur when driving.
One big distraction that’s physically small, is our cellphones. We
need to realize that our lives are more important than reading a
tweet or liking an Instagram post. Let’s not lose a second on the
road but make it home.

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