Youth Forward Scholarship 2019 – Make America Great Again. The DPS way

Name: Allicia Hodges
From: Killeen , Texas
Grade: College Freshman
School: Vista college
Votes: 0

slogan of our nation is “Make America Great Again.”, so why not
start with our children and the safety of our roads? “At least 30
people die a day from car crashes in America.” It is detrimental
that we are all educated on the prevention of deaths while driving on
the road. We should start by increasing our knowledge on driver
education as early as grade school. By implementing a program in
numerous schools, the number of deaths can be immensely reduced.

steps to ensuring reduced deaths this is by following all lathe road
and state but also staying focused. Distractions such as loud music,
texting, talking on the phone and getting ready while driving can put
the driver, passengers, and other people near the road in danger.
There should be no activity taking place while driving. Now while one
maybe focused you also have to stay alert. Being alert means you are
quick to notice anything that may be potentially harming or unusual
and while driving on the road that could signify other drivers.
Always check your mirrors, both sides and rear view, before you
switch lanes and sporadically as you drive.

personally have been in a car accident. A vehicle hit me while I was
crossing the street on my bike. At the time I was in first grade and
my birthday had just passed. My sister and I were outside racing each
other up and down the street. The lady slammed into me, not paying
attention to the road ahead of her because she was talking on the

steps that I can apply to my life to becoming a safer driver is by
abiding by the laws of the road. I can also sign up for more in depth
driver safety courses that you don’t learn in everyday driving

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