Youth Forward Scholarship 2019 – Make The Better World

Name: Gaku Roppongi
From: Mesa, Arizona
Grade: gakroppongi@gmail.com
School: gakroppongi@gmail.com
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How can we make
the world a better place? I think we should be helping people,
especially children, growing up in poverty. I would start by taking
the initiative to establish a human resource system combining
education services with medical services. It seems to me that many
children lack these important services and exist in a downward
spiral. When we provide them health care but not education, they
cannot get jobs to continue to improve their health. Although there
are education programs and medical systems, there is not an
institution combining the two. I desire to major in Medicine and
minor in African Studies, and focus my contributions in remote
populations on the continent. In remote communities, people need
general medical services, thus I promote training doctors in many
special fields such as pediatrics and surgery, too. I will be one of
the pioneers of this type of medical training and devote myself to
establishing a program combining medical and education services.
This objective will require contributions from many supporters in
finance, media, education and medicine, and I have an outgoing,
hard-working, determined character that will enable me to
successfully connect with various people. Finally, I hope to take
trips and to be connected with people all over the world to research
the poor conditions of children, and use my knowledge, experience and
connections to achieve my aims.

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