Youth Forward Scholarship 2019 – Making Driving Safer Than Ever

Name: Jaalen Bonafede
From: Acworth, Georgia
Grade: Junior
School: Allatoona High School
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Driving and Traffic School Scholarship

April 01, 2019)

Driving Safer Than Ever”

M. Bonafede

Driving Safer than Ever.

importance of driver education is to reduce deaths and make people
more aware and alert on what to do and not to do when they are
driving. Over the course of time and the advancement of technology,
teens and adults have found that driver education reduces traffic
violations and crashes significantly. Driver education also puts
teens on the road driving so they know firsthand what it is like
driving in different scenarios. One example of this is to practice
driving in traffic where the attention span of a teenager is tested.
Start out small and gradually increase the scope of situational
driving, which can increase the experience in driving in traffic.
Other steps that we can all take in order to decrease accidents and
death on the road is to pass laws against cell phone usage while
driving. That is how most accidents happen with people looking at
their cell phone, which makes the person distracted from the road.
Another way to reduce deaths on the road is to get the proper rest
before getting behind the wheel and if one gets sleepy one should
pull over and get the proper rest or have someone else drive.
Another way to reduce death and accidents on the road is to obey the
speed limit; too many times drivers are speeding and driving

have been in a car accident before, luckily, nobody was hurt but
there was bad damages to the cars. I have not seen any friends or
family members driving irresponsibly, however, some steps I can take
to be a better and safer driver is to pay more attention on the road
instead of looking at my phone while driving and pay more attention
on what is going on around me. These simple but important tips can
prevent accidents from happening just as I had to find out the hard
way. In order to help people such as my friends and love ones is to
share my experiences and let them know what not to do. Secondly,
recommend to them to attend a defensive driving course that can give
an unexperienced driver different insight and methods of driving
safer and paying close attention and give them more situational
awareness of their surroundings.

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