Youth Forward Scholarship 2019 – Making Our Roads Safer

Name: Austin Tillman Jackson
From: Barnwell, South Carolina
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Driving is a
convenient and fun way to get from point A to B, but what if you were
told it could cost your life. This is the risk you take every time
you get behind or even in a vehicle. With improved driver education
we can improve how younger and even experienced drivers understand
the rules of the road. The number of fatalities I believe can also
be reduced if drivers ever couple of years were required to take a
follow up test to renew their license. We must do something else to
improve the safety of our road.

we improved driver education the roads would become safer. When most
people go to take their driver education course they typically just
sit in a classroom and watch a boring video that no one pays
attention to. Instead of these boring and outdated videos we put
instructors that give personal experience and show examples of what
can happen. They can also get the kids involved and get them to
actually learn before they get into a vehicle instead of vice-versa.
This is just a small part of how our driver education can be

big way we could improve the safety of everyone on the roads is by
making drivers take a mandatory follow up test to prove they are
still capable of following the rules of the road. I’ve never been
in a car accident, but I have seen several adult drivers not
following the rules of the road. Often when these types of drivers
are seen on the streets the question of who gave this person a
license is typically asked not soon after. These tests would be
around every five years and would just be to ensure the safety of
everyone on the road. I truly believe that these type of renewal
tests could be very beneficial to keeping everyone safe.

conclusion, driving is something that we as people love to have as a
privilege, but also take for granted by driving dangerously. The
roads that we drive on will never be a hundred percent safe, however
with better driver education and regulations the roads could become
safer. Sure this would mean that you may have to spend more time
learning about the rules of the road and going to the DMV to renew a
license, but in the end a little more time spent at the DMV would be
better than dying in a car accident. We as a people should do
whatever we can to try and make our roads safer for ourselves and for
upcoming generations. After all, driving isn’t a game, it’s a
serious matter and the lives of yourself and everyone on the road are
at risk.

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