Youth Forward Scholarship 2019 – Paying Attention While Driving

Name: Sable Woodard
From: Durham, North carolina
Grade: 11
School: Hillside High School
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Hillside High School

Attention While Driving

is a very dangerous thing because so many things can happen while you
are driving like getting distracted. In my essay i am going to talk
about paying attention while driving. Drivers education is really
important while driving because you have to know what to do at all
times someone who drives illegal is very dangerous because they may
not know the rules of the road or how to drive at all. This causes
accidents or deaths because you were driving without any knowledge of
the road and safety of people. Your always supposed to take a drivers
ed class before you do anything so you can learn the signs and what
to do and what not to do on the roads so you won’t cause any
accidents to yourself or anyone else. If you know the rules of the
road and how it works accidents wouldn’t happen so much and neither
will so many deaths in car accidents. This leads us into steps
that can help reduce deaths in accidents. You can always make sure
before you start driving that all your mirrors are were they supposed
to be so you can see. Next always pay attention to your surroundings
while driving because your not only driving for yourself your driving
for other people on the road. The last thing is never get distracted
always pay attention nobody what happens if something falls wait to
pick it up it doesn’t have to be picked up at that very moment. My
example would be when I, my sister and my mom got in a car accident
because of this man who wasn’t paying attention. My mom light was
green and my mom proceeded to go the man comes out of nowhere and
hits us because he wasn’t paying attention and he was coming from a
different direction and his light was red. That comes to show always
pay attention to the cars around you.

feel as anyone can be a safe driver you just have to be more careful
about what is going on around you. Make sure you know the rules of
the road Cleary enough. Doesn’t talk or text while driving those
are the two things that make people have bad accidents. Just pay
attention and i feel like we can all successfully be good drivers.

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