Youth Forward Scholarship 2019 – PSA: Driving is a Privilege

Name: Bailey Cohen
From: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Grade: Junior
School: Temple University
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Driving is a Privilege

Entering high
school, teenagers learn the importance of driver education. As a
student from New Jersey, I took a Driver’s Education course my
sophomore year to learn how to physically drive a car, learn signals,
and safety on the roads. These vital teachings have taught me that
there is nothing more important than staying focused on the road and
not allowing distractions.

Our generation is
always concentrating on social media, texting, and staying up to date
on everything. Sometimes people don’t realize that the second they
take their eyes off the road that something life changing can occur.
The number of deaths caused by driving has increased at an alarming
rate over the years, and this is due to teenage drivers either under
the influence or from texting while driving. In order to reduce this
number, I feel that teenagers in high school need to be shown these
cases where kids their ages have died from this privilege. The reason
I am such a safe driver is because my high school Driver’s Ed
teachers enforced the importance of staying away from cell phones
will driving. A useful tool I learned about in high school, was an
app that allows you to press a button when someone texts you that
explains to the person that you are driving and will text them back
later. If more teens used this app while driving, this would
definitely decrease the number of driver fatalities.

To conclude, young
drivers don’t know the catastrophic consequences of their actions
when they get behind the wheel. We all just think, “Oh, it’ll
never happen to me”, but what we don’t realize is that it can
happen to anyone. We need to take the steps to educate and teach the
younger driver the importance of this privilege we call driving.

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