Youth Forward Scholarship 2019 – Safe Driving

Name: Tony Boy Capistrano
From: Chicago, IL
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education is a much needed course for those who has no experience
driving. Driver education teaches young adults what is expected in
the road and the rules and tips on how to avoid accidents. Young
adults tend to more prone to accidents as they are still not used to
the road, but accidents can occur to anyone. Driver education can
teach the youth many things about the road and how to prepare
yourself in situations that can lead to accidents. Being in the road
requires the driver to be focus as he/she could get into any
accidents, due to the road, the driver´s car sliding or being hit by
a truck.

are many ways to avoid deaths related to driving. For example, teen
drivers often get into accidents when they are intoxicated. To avoid
a situation like this, it’s better to call someone who is capable of
dropping someone off. Another way to avoid this situation is to take
car service such as Uber, Taxi, or Lyft. These car services can be
beneficial to dropping you off if by any chance you are intoxicated
and cannot be behind the wheel. Also to avoid accidents or deaths,
it’s always better to check your car every year for any
complications. Complications can arise when it comes to owning a
vehicle and it is better to encounter those complications when you’re
not on the road.

my experience of driving, there was only one time that I had been in
a car accident and that was due to rain. It was nightfall, and me and
friend were on our way to another friend. I remember that it was
raining that day and that my friend was driving. He was driving an
old BMW 1999 328 and it was still in good condition. My friend has a
history of driving recklessly, however this time it wasn´t due to
his recklessness, but the weather. As we were stopping to a red line,
there was another car. We were driving behind speed limit, however
when he had stepped on the break, the break did not work as the car
slid, hitting the car front of us. It was scary at first, however the
guy in front of us understood as the weather was at fault.

steps that I could take in order to be a safe driver is to always
make sure that the person driving is attentive to the road. Being a
driver means having to execute decisions quickly and smoothly. Also,
it is better to keep yourself away from your phone when you’re always
on the road. Your phone can be a huge distraction when it comes to
driving so it is better to keep your phone somewhere where you can´t

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