Youth Forward Scholarship 2019 – Safe Driving in Georgia

Name: Christopher Gibson
From: Suwanee, Georgia
Grade: Junior
School: christinariley09@gmail.com
Votes: 0

I became a licensed
driver in October 2017. It was the most important accomplishment
before turning 17. I believe that while it is exciting to become a
licensed driver at 16 years old it is more important for states to
make mandatory driver’s education apart of the junior year
curriculum. There may already be states that require this course
however that is not the case in Georgia. Although my school does
offer a drivers education course it is not required. I think that
making the course a requirement demonstrates the states support of
safe driving and awareness. Simply requiring an online certificate of
driving hours is truly not enough.
I feel that along with
mandatory driver’s education courses in the school, states need to
also require that high school students attend drunk driving education
in the the classrooms. More can be said to demonstrate the dangers of
teens and driving drunk. Bringing real life victims into the
classroom would enforce the importance of arriving to every
destination safely and how to make sure friends are being
responsible. Teens sometimes must be their brother’s keepers when it
comes to driving behind the wheel.
I have been driving for almost
two years now and I believe that staying within the speed limit is
one of the most important steps I can take. Speeding is irresponsible
and careless and does not take into account the safety of others. I
care about people and myself so I take my time. I make sure that I
look in my rear view mirror when I am backing up. Its also very
important to make sure my car is good enough to be on the road. I
check the tire pressure and install wipers when I need to.
The way
to reduce the number of deaths on the roads is to make sure there are
enough highway patrol officers there to monitor the roads and pay
attention to those who are speeding or driving irresponsible. Curfews
should also be in place for those under 19. Lastly, No driving and
texting. This is a major distraction for not just teenagers but
adults. Enforcing more fines and suspensions will reduce automobile

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