Youth Forward Scholarship 2019 – Safety is in you hands!

Name: JayLa Sherrock
Grade: college freshman
School: grand canyon university
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is in your hands!

driving being the fastest way to get to close destinations, nearly
every American either drives or gets into a vehicle with another
person. Driving education can help save everyone. Driving education
can teach you what to do if something goes wrong that is not your
fault, like slipping on ice. It can also teach you the best way to
drive defensively; a lot of drivers drive as though they own the road
leading to accidents. They also teach you all the laws that are for
your protection along with the protection of others. Educating our
drivers is one of the best ways to keep them safe while they are
driving. We need to show them the dangers of not following the proper
driving procedure.

of the first steps that can be taken to reduce driving deaths is to
make sure that vehicles are in good running condition. Some people
don’t always have the money to make sure their cars are in safe
running condition, we should start programs to help these people to
keep everyone safe. The next step we should take is to ensure that
everyone has the education to drive defensively of other drivers. The
last thing to help keep everyone safe while driving is to follow all
of the cars built in safety features; meaning to wear your seatbelt,
check your mirrors, check lights, and to adjust seats to the best
driving position.

have been in two accidents in my life. The first one I was a
passenger; we were stopped on the side of the road when a car rear
ended our car. The driver of the car was on his phone not paying
attention to the road causing him to run into us. The front end of
his car was smashed but our car was fine. The second accident, I was
driving. I was headed down a road that I didn’t know and ran a stop
sign that I didn’t see. A couple coming down the road without a
stop sign slammed into the side of my car causing me to spin 180
degrees into a ditch. Everything went flying around. I was so shocked
I started crying thinking I might have hurt the people that ran into
me. Luckily, everyone turned out okay.

have become a safer driver and will continue to get better by
practicing my driving skills. I also have stopped using my phone
while driving. I believe that letting people know what can happen and
how it can make you feel will help them learn to drive undistracted
as well.

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