Youth Forward Scholarship 2019 – Serious Impact Of Being A Driver

Name: Samantha
From: Neenah, Wi
Grade: Senior In High School
School: Neenah High School
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Samantha Hernke

Youth Forward Essay

Serious Impacts of
being a driver.

can be scary for the new driver and the old. Driving can be an
amazing feeling to be free right when you get your license you are
free from your parents or guardians and can leave whenever you want.
A couple of downsides of driving and serious impacts is drunk driving
or driving under the influence of drugs. These choices can risk a
life even if you know the person or not.

One serious impact
of driving is the control one person can have over their life. When
someone first gets their temporary license for six months they have
to have another person over 21 in the passenger seat and only one
person in the back. This might seem to restrain to some because they
always have to have a parent in the car and can’t have lots of
friends come along in the same car. After the six months, you can
test for your license and once you pass with a score of 25 or lower
you can drive with one other passenger for nine months but after the
nine months are done you can have as many people in the car. This can
be a problem because a certain person can think they are a good
driver and have many people in the car and get in an accident maybe
hurt or even kill their friends.

Another serious
impact of being a driver is thinking you are a good driver and having
a few people in the car and getting in an accident. Driving with
friends can be a lot of fun until you get distracted and you turn
around and realize you are headed straight for a pole or ditch and
not able to stop. This could end the good way which is no one got
hurt and the car is a little damaged but still driveable. Or it could
end the horrible way with some friends on life support or even dead
at the crash. Distracted driving can come in many different forms.
Even if you are by yourself you can be distracted by your phone or
the radio, while with friends you could be distracted by your friends
by what they see on social media, something outside or even just them
talking. You don’t want to risk anyone lives.

The biggest serious
impact of being a driver. Is driving under the influence of drugs or
alcohol. If you look up the leading cause of accidents with motor
vehicles one of the top results will be drunk driving or driving
under the influence of drugs. There are so many drugs out in the
world that people can easily get and then take and then drive. It’s
very scary. Most people know better than too drive under the
influence of drugs and alcohol but when you are intoxicated the
thoughts might change and your friends might change your mind. When
people drive under the influence of drugs and alcohol the driver has
a low reaction time, Lack of coordination, Reduce concentration,
Decrease vision, and Inhibit Judgement. According to Alcohol Rehab
Guide drivers between the ages of sixteen and twenty are ten times
more likely to be involved in a fatal crash, than drivers over the
age of twenty-one

What is the
importance of driver education in reducing the number of deaths as a
result of driving?

education is very important. Driving Education shows and explains
everything about driving that you need too know. From turning the
steering wheel at the right time to how too make a wide turn. Driver
Education also teaches the consequences of speeding and driving under
the influence of drugs and alcohol. Everyone under the age of
eighteen needs to take drivers education before they can get their

What steps can be
taken too reduce the number of deaths related to driving?

Death related
accidents can happen anywhere, anytime and can happen to anyone. One
major way of reducing the number of deaths related to driving is
banning phone usage. Cell Phones are becoming so popular with
everything and it’s not a surprise that people use their cell phones
while driving. Another way we can reduce the number is to be more
strict with driving the influence of drugs and alcohol. Right now the
consequence of driving under the influence is 20 years of showing on
your record, ten years of suspended driving, and up too a $5,000

Have you ever had an
experience of being in a car accident or have seen your friends and
family members driving irresponsibly?

I have seen some
friends and family text on their phone while driving. I ask them to
get off their phone and if they do not stop I grab their phone and
not let them have it until we are stopped.

What steps can you
take to be a better and safer driver as well as help others be on the

I can inform my
friends and family about all the bad things of distracted driving and
driving under the influence. I can help myself and others be safer on
the road staying off my phone, never driving under the influence, and
never let my family and friends be distracted or driving under the
influence when I am in or out of the car.

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